What's different about this baseball card sleeve?

Well, it looks exactly like an Ultra Pro standard size card sleeve, except for one thing: it's a bit longer and there's a fold-over flap that has a resealable adhesive strip on it. The effect is like a team bag, except only for an individual card or two. Once you fold and seal, they're the same size as standard card sleeves. They are 2 mil, clear polypropylene, and are actually made for Artist Trading Cards, which our older daughter draws for friends and occasionallyfor Mets fans. This is her latest effort (and I wonder what team happy Kiku roots for?):
Just thought we'd point out the alternate-universe card sleeves because a) they're not routine, b) they're not related to 2009 Allen & Ginter, and c) they kept my attention while my kids and their friend spent an awful lot of time today at a local art supply store. Nice to know that baseball card collectors can find something to occupy us in the most unlikely places. These sleeves may be perfect if you don't want a card to slip out of the average sleeve inside a toploader. The ATC "krystal seals" are available at an art supply store near you. This public service message has been brought to you by the easily distracted crew at Dinged Corners.

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Lonestarr said...

Hmm... that is cool. Maybe I should invest in some of those. I've started doing sketch cards myself, though nothing as grand as that Mets card.