When baseball cards aren't laZy.

Dan of the ever-classy Saints of the Cheap Seats Zito-ed us and look at the results! Since there is so much Zito Green in the universe, this sudden big red orangey card with just a little patch of green jersey is refreshing:

The other version that we own of this card has a red K:Here is the GU back: Although that is very congratulatory language, the text uses the clever dodge that the jersey was used in an MLB game. WHAT MLB game, and even who wore it, is not addressed. Someday I will teach a class on deconstructing baseball card language. But the card is spectacular. All the Zito jersey bits we have are green. Thank you, Dan, for once again proving the Zito Effect. We wonder if, thanks to the help of fellow bloggers and readers, maybe we are becoming a Zito supercollector. What is the definition of supercollector, anyway?
The excellent thing about this batch of Zitos is that when a picture appears on the back of the card, it does not repeat the photo on the front. That means it's not a Lazy Baseball Card.
In yesterday's Giant game with the Marlins in San Francisco, Our Barry Zito pitched into the ninth inning in his best start of the season. Mr. Z is 5-8 and entered his 17th start with the lowest run support in the majors at 2.80. He allowed four hits, struck out six, and walked one in only his second outing of the year reaching eight innings. Go bee zee!

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