Window shopping 2009 Allen and Ginter on eBay: contest.

Ok, so we decided not to buy packs, blasters, or boxes of Allen & Ginter this year. We want to say that Gint-a-Cuffs and Cardboard Junkie and all the bloggers who have been posting scans, we are indebted to you. We've immensely enjoyed looking at the pitchas. But last year, we got into a Ginter frenzy and so we feel we've Done That. We aim to keep our vow this year NOT to add bunches and bunches of cards to the household (A&G is a slippery slope). There'll be no Ginter Batches and Mounds here in 2009. However, we're going to seek out three non-base items in addition to the base cards of David Wright, Curtis Granderson, John Maine, Barry Zito, and some Mets. So, here's the challenge.

Whoever correctly states which ONE of the following cards we intend to obtain, we'll send you an autographed 2007 Bowman 1st card of Neil Sellers. Ok, it's no A-Rod auto, but hey at least it's an auto of a third baseman who spent more than ten minutes in The Show. Will add a scan of the card tomorrow when not just lazily grabbing photos from eBay. The prize will be mailed out immediately and we'll add a few good cards of the winner's favorite team. The correct answer with the earliest posted time wins.

We forgive you, Ollie.

Cat smile silk.

Perfection busting out all over.

Fabulous Bobby card.

The Silky Way.

David Wright stopped grading papers long enough to sign this card in red.

'But I don't have a wooden heart.'

Greatest player in baseball yada yada.

Chien Mien Wang pitching action, or as Beardy says, Horizontal Wang.

Great Granderson horizontal bat glower.

Black border AND Zoolander stare.

Big DW smile. 2008 portrait, though?
Pretty horse.

Shirt color not matched by bit. Still....

John Maine silk smile.

Mantle striped bit. Oh never mind, we can't fake interest in this one. Forget the Mantle bit.

The Fosbury Flop, that's why.

What lurks within the rip? We happen to like Jeff. (PS The N43s and rip cards seem to feature year-old images of the players. This is last year's Jeff pic.)

Radioactive yo yo string relic of wildeyed yo yo guy!

Eric S. told us he is a nice guy so now we like Joba. Penmanship: iffy.

Smile; blue GU bit.

We see him at Isotopes Park; that's his exact expression.

New Met.

A farewell gesture. ]sniff[

Lucy likes his signature.

1/1, baby. Wood. Ludwig! Although we always thought it was "von" not "van." If two correct guesses have the same post time, tiebreaker = cleverness. Erudition. Wit.



I'm going to say the Silky Milky Way. Just because I think it's a neat item, and my oldest son is into weather and spacey things!

wickedortega said...

David Wright auto in red.... thanks!

Jeremya1um said...

I'm gonna guess the Aoki relic card #d 16/25.

Rod said...

I believe that you will be trying to get the black bordered Zoolander Zito card. You love of all things Zito is well known and this card would have the added advantage of compounding the Zito effect and beginning the Zoolander stare portion of your collection. I however will be attempting to get the signed of the greatest flopper ever, Mr Richard Fosbury from the great state of Oregon.

Mark's Ephemera said...

I think that you all will pursue the David Wright with palm fronds growing out of the end of the bat. How can he swing that thing without creating quite the breeze?

Sometimes, bigger is better. That smile. Oooh, that smile. He's happy to be playing baseball.

It has the best of both worlds, the modern Mr. Wright who can do no wrong combined with the old-timeyness of old-timey baseball.

I considered Cat Osterman, for being a female role model for Lucy, but when she has Patricia and her older sister, who needs Cat?

Aoki and Ichiro fit into your collecting scheme, but variations on those can be found just about anywhere.

Archie Bunker? Perhaps. What girl doesn't like a horse?

The other cards are nice, but I don't picture you and Lucy going after 1 of 1 cards.

Not Beethoven. He's deaf. And dead. But how could Topps not have selected Bach. J.S. Bach. Shaken, not stirred.

That would be a good subset. Bach and his offspring. Not Offenbach and his offenspring, though.

The Milky Way? Looks like a toilet flushing.

So, I'll stick with the David Wright card.

Word verification: nuagterf

Sounds like something that would end up if a candy company sponsored the Astrodome. Nugaterf.

Joe S. said...

My guess - Cat Osterman, the softball players.

I'm joining you in non-pursuit of 09 Allen & Ginter!

Dan said...

I would guess the Cat Osterman silk,
just because Lucy is one of her ilk.
She plays a sport that Lucy adores,
And plays it as well as all of the boys.

She smiles very well, which makes Lucy happy,
and the silk card border is pretty snappy.
It's not numbered too high or even too low
so I think this auction is the way to go.

night owl said...

Simpson-Bunkner auto.



grant said...

I'm Gonna go with the Church Auto. For sentimental reasons. Grant

dayf said...

My picks got poached so I'll go with Silky Maine.

By the way, I have a pile of stuff for you that's almost ready to go out, you want some Frenchys in there too or is it Still Too Painful. Jus' lemme know...

heh. Verification word: disires

Alex said...

yo yo card. It's too cool not to be the one.

Drew said...

How about the Frenchie Francour autographed card. A new Met, who knows...

AceWild said...

Im going with the joba chamberlain auto card

dinged corners said...

dayf, regarding the Frenchman, we are going to blink past the pain. we must accept reality. we will take frenchy and may even draw little Met uniforms on him.

Thorzul said...

My guess is the wooden Zito. I hope it doesn't spontaneously combust in the dry heat of the American southwest during shipping.

andrew peiffer said...

I'll go with the Pat Neshek rip card. who doesn't like Pat? Hopefully not you!