1972 Topps: groovy photography.

Here the photographer employed the premise that straight lines shooting around the player is a good composition technique.

Posture check! Mr. Rudi's is iffy. And is it our imagination, or were the ballpark groundskeepers not doing that great a job in the early seventies?

Fashion baseball card photography: Mr. Kenney is doing the Zoolander face, and Mr. Kubiak is reveling in a gloriously good hair day.
Enzo! Stuarti? Ferrari? No, Hernandez!
Is Dick Drago posing near an ocean?
What is that security guard looking at? What is Bob Barton doing? This card doesn't seem to qualify as an "In Action" shot, but rather falls into the 1972 Topps "inaction" category.

Thank you so much, Mark! As you can see we've added quite a few cards to our 'Have' list thanks to you!

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mikepelfreyshouse said...

WOW drago does really look like hes near the sea!