2009 Allen and Ginter parallel universe.

We got a couple of A&G packs. While opening them, we realized that what we suspected from seeing many blog posts about the cards is true:

when all is said and done, we prefer the parallels (inserted at 1:12 packs) over the base design. By the way, the Maddison/Bonaparte juxtaposition (above) cannot be topped. Mr. Maddison has the goofy, vapid, self-satisfied expression that is often seen in the 21st century, where it is has become possible to become stoked and proud of one's own relatively meaningless athletic accomplishment. Whereas Napoléon Bonaparte wears the expression of someone who might have to go defeat Prussia, face total war, lay the administrative and judicial foundations of Western Europe, escape Elba, and retreat into exile. If you catch my drift.
Not that there's anything wrong with the A&G base design, but the hieroglyphics really enhance the presentation. So do the black borders on the minis. When the Allen & Ginter squad gets it right, what they do is make a good thing better.

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Hackenbush said...

I agree, especially the black border on the minis. It adds a nice old-timey feel.