After close analysis, we have a winnah.

This is what always surprises us about you people. Ask a simple question, like, 'why is this card awesome?':
....and get all kinds of thrilling, detailed answers because the fact is, come on admit it, when standing in line at the supermarket you aren't even glancing at all the magazines and candy displays, you're thinking about baseball cards. Your eyes are fixed on a distant, faraway point and you're pondering some element of carboardiana. That is the only explanation for your brilliance. You couldn't just come up with these thoughts on the spot. They've been mulled. Anyway, answers included packaddict's remark that the card is awesome because "his mitt somehow shrunk 4 times it's size from the year before! (see 1971 topps)"

And capewood said George's shoes seem to have enormous tongues and old-fashioned stirrups. Mr J Mel observed that the card's awesomeness relates to its lack of refractorization. Two Packs A Day is among those who helpfully remarked on Metropolitan Stadium in the background. BigD also classified the card's awesomeness as having to do with Metropolitan Stadium, "real grass with the skyline in the background" and BigD also noted the stirrups. (But not the tongues.) The card has a Pedal Extremity Discordance, because Jeremy asked if the card is awesome because it looks like he's wearing high heels. night owl referred to special effects, saying it is "a 3-D baseball card without being a 3-D baseball card, if you know what I mean. Stare at ol' Georgey for a good long time and then look at the background. Does not Georgey practically pop out of the card after you do that?"

Brian was another person convinced the awesomeness is attributable to the "old-fashioned stirrup socks!" We wanted Brian to be right because the card made him happy. Alas, this was not to be. Greg Schwartz said "it's a great card because of the picture... he's sitting there, waiting for you (the collector) to throw the ball to him." We really liked that, and also noted the pleasant 'wanna have a catch?' demeanor of George M. But no. MattR had engaging thoughts involving downward slants, tippy toes, but then wandered off to examine what is the building behind the stadium?

We were glad that skoormit referred to the random bat discarded in the background, because if there's one thing we love about 1972, it's the complete lack of awareness of photo composition.
Tony sees awesomeness because he has an autographed version. The Mojo Hand sees not a 'come play catch' symbol in the fist but rather a vulgar display of power. After this dizzying array of insight, we finally came to two who veered closes to the Truth About Why This Is an Awesome Card. gritz76 said, "with the last name of Mitterwald, what else could he do in life but catch for the Twins?" Thus, gritz76, who happened to have sent us the card, was Warm. RoofGod said "wald = world in german, so mitterwald is of course the mitt to take over the world." Also Warm. But SpastikMooss observed that this card is awesome for many reasons, including the correct one: "The guy's name is MITTerwald...and he's a catcher. Need I say more? That mitt is huge!" Yes, that is CORRECT, sir! George Mitterwald is holding a giant mitt.

We never claimed to be rocket scientists.

So please Mr. SpastikMooss, email us your address so we may send along yer winnin's.


packaddict said...

Lol congrats mooss. And dangit I was actually thinking of 1970 topps. His mitt looks really really big from the angle used.

Brian said...

There were some great comments and I enjoyed reading them. Keep up the great work!

SpastikMooss said...

Still can't believe I won! Posted about the winning haul over on my site...you two are way too nice!