Auto trader: our signed clunkers for....?

We've recently had some serious fun trading our clunkers for your clunkers. Also, we're good about quickly mailing simple trades rather than complex, hefty ones. So, here are four more, this time in the autograph category:
On the one hand, this is a tres cool card because of the awesome red jersey and the number (08/30). Also, it is the size of a cinderblock and actually casts a shadow. On the other, it's a cut signature and there is a tiny chip on the back. Goodbye, Mr. Chips? But the general baseball cardness and the jersey are truly fantabulastic. Also, doesn't Hunter Morris sound like a fictional baseball player name? He gets points for that too.
Good: Lowell Spinners. Bad: sticker.

Awesome card, actually; good jersey bit, okay cut signature, happy face. But we are cutting back and don't know him.

Good: everything, especially that his name is Sparky. Bad: Lucy has a signed card of him holding a puppy. Therefore, no contest.

We'd happily swap these cards for anything cool in our following categories:

Genuine, dinged ok, vintage cards, especially of the Mets, Moe Drabowsky, or NY Giants
1972 Topps cards (see want list down on the right)
David Wrightliness
Curtis Grandiosity
Barry Zito-naut

or anything local in blue Sharpie. :)

The only requirement here is that you are a regular reader, trader, or that you follow us. New followers are ok too, because not lurking is good.


Patsearcher said...

2004 Timeless Teams? Awesome. Sparky Lyle? Fantastic! I must have it! I already have quite a bit of Zito and Granderson set aside for you.

dc said...

Sparky is yours! I've gotten emails about the others so I may take this post down. Pls. email us.

jacobmrley said...

I'd love to have the Seibel, I am sure I can come up with something for you guys.