Autographed baseball card preference poll results.

We wondered if you are cardboard gamblers. The quandary posed was:

Would trade Lefty Grove

(proven, historical, legacy can't be messed with) autographed baseball card for...

Mark Buehrle, perfect gamer 5% (3 votes)

Madison Bumgarner, initial high hopes (0)

Tim Lincecum (admittedly freaky but very good outlook) 15% (10 votes)

Johan Santana

5% (3 votes)

Stephen Strasburg (fast! but will he burn out?) 9% (6 votes)

Surely you jest 58% (doubtful maneuver) (38 votes)

Let me check Beckett 9% (6 votes)

So! 58% would keep Lefty. 34% would not. 9% might. You are a little bit more gambly than we would have predicted, but not shockingly so.


Tim Lincecum: Issaquah Press.
Strasburg: badwax.
Santana: NY Daily News.
Others: yon; none hither.


--David said...

Aw, man, I missed the poll! Well, I would have said keep it, too...

MattR said...

How can anyone vote to trade the greatest left hander in history?

Gellman said...

I want names and addresses of people who wanted to check their beckett. I love the IP signed cards, but Lefty isnt signing anymore.

deal said...

Missed the poll, but I would have gone w/ Lefty too.

dayf said...

It took about a half hour for That last picture to sink in, but it finally sunk!

(golf claps)

mikepelfreyshouse said...

I would trade for a Pelfrey auto!