Baseball Cards Where No One is Playing Baseball Department.

Alex Cole is making a getaway. Is that a great card or what? He and Mr. Fetters are not playing baseball.
Mr. Lankford is not playing baseball. And in case you're wondering, it's disputable whether he's playing baseball on the front of the card, too.

David Wright looks tough here. He is not playing baseball.
Not exactly sure what he IS doing, but Mr. Hernandez is not playing baseball.

For a refresher, and for purposes of comparison, here we have: Playing; Not Playing.

David Wright was playing baseball moments ago, and now he's being congratulated, although we don't know by who, except there sure are a lot of right hands in this photograph. Is there a baseball card in existence that depicts MORE right hands? Plus one right elbow? We think not.

Gary Carter is not playing baseball. Which is scarier, that card, or the awesome little Mike Piazza bobblehead (actual size) that we received from gcrl? LMPB is sitting on our computer now. He is not playing baseball.
Mr. Davis and Mr. Valdez, though noble, are not playing baseball. Does somebody still make Bic pens?
The greatest baseball card in history set where no one is playing baseball (except In Action, kind of) is, by far, 1972 Topps. I'm sorry, we can brook no disagreement on this matter.


mmosley said...

I'm not playing baseball either!

--David said...

Excellent analysis and demonstration! I am curious: if a card depicts a person throwing out the first pitch, is that playing baseball?