Comerica and Curtis.

Greg A. spent last week on vacation with a card trading friend in Michigan. Not only did he go to several card shops and a show, he also got to attend Lansing Lugnut and Detroit Tiger games. His favorite team, the Orioles, beat the Tigers 8-2; also, it was Jerrod Washburn's debut. Brian Matusz was the starting pitcher for the O's--he threw for the Frederick Keys a month earlier. That's Greg's hometown team. AND it was the 18th anniversary of Mike Mussina's Orioles debut. Anyway, Greg was nice enough to send us photos from Comerica Park. In addition to shots around the stadium, which looks to be a pretty darned nice place to watch a game, there are pictures taken from Greg's seat and a peek into the dugout....looky!It's Curtis.
While we're on the topic of dugout pics of Curtis,
what's going on here? That's Andy Van Slyke. Should this be a baseball card?

Lucy would dig the animals that greet fans at the gate, and also this carousel, located in the center of the food court:

This looks to be part of Comerica Park's "Walk of Fame":

Groundbreaking for the $300 million building project took place on October 29, 1997, and the park was completed in 2000. "All planning efforts established fan sight lines as the highest priority," the web site says. Apparently there are no upper deck outfield seats, to provide a better view of a downtown skyline.

Speaking of sky, Curtis looks good under all skies (such as that of the World Baseball Classic, as above), but it's so very cool to see him on his home turf. Thank you, Greg A, for your always wonderful surprises.

Tiger statue image: Fashionablelivingmag.com. Van Slyke/Granderson from daylife.com. Curtis WBC returning autographed baseball by Getty Images. All other photos by Greg Armentrout. For cardness related to Curtis Granderson, of course you should visit the informative completist at Grand Cards.


Collective Troll said...

Those are great pics!!! Makes me want to go to Detroit again!

capewood said...

a few years ago I bought a Lansing Lug Nuts cap on eBay. They have a great logo.

Dean Family said...

I have the privilege of being able to see Curtis on a daily basis here in Detroit. He is one of the things that make a Comerica Park outing so enjoyable. One of the good guys in the game. Nice pictures of the stadium - sometimes I take it for granted.

GCA said...

There are plenty more shots of the stadium and surrounding area. If you guys would like to see 'em, I can post 'em to my card list website in a gallery or something...

Greg A