David Wright et al: questions arise. And a contest.

We received a great batch of 1972 Topps cards from Chris at Project '62--we already showed off the Moe Drabowsky--and he also threw in a few exceptional extras. Many cause questions to arise. Fer instance. There is nothing better than a David Wright card with a Mets blue jersey (Dodger blue? bwahahahaha! we think not) stripe. This is an especial beaut, Lucy says, because he is doing The Stance. Lucy is always tuned in to David but I'm kind of tuned in to him right now as well, because we've both had the experience of being beaned in the last week and are undoubtedly both contemplating wearing heavy helmets as soon as we get out of bed. Question: how many jersey cards can be made from one jersey?
But in addition to the front of the card, there's the back-of-the-card language that says things like "Snuggled among his raft of scintillating statsitcs in 2007..." Can you please name one other baseball card in the history of insane cardboard hobbies that includes the word "snuggling?" I'm waiting. ]]tapping foot[[ Mm hm, that's what I thought.
Chris sent one Barry Zito card, and it was one we didn't have, which makes this: The Ultimate Zito Effect. 1/1, as it were. That's terrific, but look at the mug shot. Question: how do you do the Zoolander stare when apparently caught in the harsh, unforgiving fluorescent lights at the state pen? These are two David Wright cards we didn't have...Lucy especially loves the shiny SPX but the Goudey is strangely compelling. Questions: what happened to David's chin? Do the Goudey artists believe that most baseball players are descended from Ferengi?
We leave you with this 1972 Topps card of George Mitterwald. Psychedelic tombstone, check. Dried up grass, check. Slack-jawed expression, check. But that's only an inroad into what is one of the many great '72 cards. Why? That's your question. We feel a little better so we want to give something away. Why is this such a great card? Because you know that it is. Best response gets a fabulous gift package from Dinged Corners. This is a difficult contest not for you but for us... we must select something good from your inevitably eyepopping top-notch baseball card wit and wisdom. We are up to the challenge--but if we fold, we will randomize the old-fashioned way...eenie meenie.


packaddict said...

This card is awesome because his mitt somehow shrunk 4 times it's size from the year before! (see 1971 topps)

capewood said...

How many jersey cards? Of the size you show on the David Wright card, I'd say about 800. Do you actually know the answer to this question?

Snuggling? Not me

Zoolander scare? These guys are paid a lot of money to play baseball. They are highly trained individuals with great focus to reach the height of a professional career. When the photographer says stare straight ahead and don't smile they are up to the challenge.

Way such a great card? He's squatting on his tip-toes. And his shows seem to have enormous tongues. And old fashioned stirrups. What else do you need?

Mr J Mel said...

The card is awesome because it is not patched, numbered, glossed, or refractored.

Did you know that Gerorge hit 7 HR in 1974 while playing for the Cubs, but three of them came in one game on April 17th!!!

gritz76 said...

I was hoping you would notice the snuggling going on the back of the card.
With the last name of Mitterwald, what else could he do in life but catch for the Twins?
Glad you could use the cards!

Two Packs A Day said...

Is it a great card because it's Metropolitan Stadium in the background -- the last time the Twins played outdoors -- and you won't be seeing another Twins game outdoors until Target Field opens next april?

Is it a great card because he could be shopping at the Mall of America exactly where he is standing but posed for the card instead?

BigD said...

That is a great card because the photo was taken at Metropolitan Stadium on real grass with the skyline in the background and not at that damned Metrodome. And he's wearing stirrups, gotta love the stirrups!

Jeremy said...

Is it because it looks like he's wearing high heels?

night owl said...

It's such a great card because it's a 3-D baseball card without being a 3-D baseball card, if you know what I mean. Stare at ol' Georgey for a good long time and then look at the background. Does not Georgey practically pop out of the card after you do that? It does for me.

(Oh, by the way, Mets blue IS Dodger blue. You may have heard how the Mets originally took their colors back in '62 from the blue of the Dodgers and the orange of the Giants -- the two teams that left N.Y. for sunny California. So when I see Mets blue, I see Dodger blue. Of course, being a Dodger fan might have something to do with it).

Brian said...

It is, without a doubt, the old-fashioned stirrup socks! That takes me back to my days as a Little Leaguer. I love it! Thanks for bringing up a great memory.

Greg Schwartz said...

it's a great card because of the picture... he's sitting there, waiting for you (the collector) to throw the ball to him.

MattR said...

The downward slant of the picture is strangely compelling.

He's really up on his tippy-toes, which looks interesting.

What is that building behind the stadium?

skoormit said...

What we have here is a picture of a full grown man in the prime of his life wearing tight pants and a big leather glove, squatting. Squatting--for no other reason than to have his picture taken, and perhaps to say to the world, "I am Baron von Mitterwald, of the middle forest, and I am in the middle of this field, and I am 6'2" tall and 200 lbs and in perfect physical condition, and I shall squat here on my hams and have my picture taken because I can."

Also, there appears to be a random bat discarded in the background. There's nothing like a carefully composed photo on a baseball card--and this is nothing like a carefully composed photo.

RoofGod said...

wald = world in german, so mitterwald is of course the mitt to take over the world. Nothing like world domination on a baseball card.

SpastikMooss said...

This card is awesome for so many reasons:
1. George is wearing ballet slippers, which has to be the only time that's happened in baseball history.
2. I think I see the mall of america in the background.
3. The guy's name is MITTerwald...and he's a catcher. Need I say more? That mitt is huge!

The Mojo Hand said...

The clinched fist says it all!

A rarity in itself.

A vulgar display of power.


Tony said...

To me it's awesome because I have this same card and it's autographed by George (get it?)