George Mitterwald: our final chapter.

Today we received this email from ESB: "Really strange timing with the Mitterwald post. Just this past weekend I was flipping through an album and spotted the 75 Mitterwald. It hung me up for about twenty minutes. I had the same question...why is this card so awesome? I think the reason is that there is obviously an untold story behind the picture. What is it? I feel like an outsider looking at somebody's hilarious inside joke. I think every year or so George and the Topps photog get together and howl laughing at the story. What is it?"

We don't see any eyeblack on his hand, so perhaps he is wiping a tear from his eye as he recalls April 17, 1974. On that glorious day, in his fifth game as a Cub, George Baseball Card Mitterwald hit three homers and drove in eight runs as the Cubs extinguished the Pirates 18-9. GBCM remained the Cubs' primary starting catcher through the 1977 season--but after that glorious spring 1974 day, he hit only four more homers the rest of that year. On his 1975 Topps card, he is thinking back.

"That's my opinion and if you don't like it, well, I have others." Groucho Marx

The other thing Mr. Mitt is probably best known for: his baseball cards. As noted, we love the 1972. packaddict is fond of the 1970 Topps Mitterwald--the one where he is wearing the largest catcher's mitt known to man (it's a wonder he doesn't topple over):

So goodnight, George Mitterwald, born to be a catcher, bidding collectors to have a catch,

giant mitt aloft, goodnight. Wherever you are.

Thank you, esboston, for the great email.

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