Looking up. And down.

Why not let's look at a thoughtful packet of cards sent to us for no good reason from the wise (great commenter) Dbacks fan, skoormit.

We lead off with what monsieur skoormit delicately refers to as "Keith Hernandez's posterior."Although Keith was in the Prime Bum of Life for this photo, the card establishes a category: WTF? Yes, we are still G-rated, so in this case, WTF means "Why The Fanny?" Does Keith Hernandez like this card? When he's asked to list Favorite Baseball Cards of Self, do you think this is one of them?

Oh no. Will we have to collect 1971 also? Well, if you think that Mets card above is good, look at this Jerry Grote:

Essence of baseball card! Crowd fixated on action, all eyes forward. At least two gentlemen wearing ties. Fedora guy. Midair bat. Dirtsmoke. Dugout guy may need to use the facilities. Grote exhibiting grit. Gritty Grote. Quite unlike the Keith Hernandez card, what we have here is head-down hustle. Plus, how about the back? Of the card, that is:
They don't make cardflips like that anymore.

And here's a 1959 Topps that has been pre-enjoyed. Did the person who originally owned this card marvel at Mr. McMillan's giant glasses? At the jutting ear, the pose in front of the stands that resemble a chicken coop? Holy schnikies. Then señor skoormit included Lucy's #1 favorite centerpiece David Wright card in CHROME! SHINY! Lucy mimicked fainting when she saw it. Unfortunately, the scanner doesn't reveal its rainbow glory. She's staring at the card muttering things like, "I love that batting stance," and "his tongue is sticking out," "where is the 'ht' in his signature?," "this [the base version] was the first baseball card you ever gave me," and so on. I'll try to get Lucy to do a post on the wonders of this card.Two Zito Effects: one of David Wright (Luce didn't have it!) and a numbered gold '08 Topps BZ.

And some 1972 cards, including this Ed Acosta (one of the few 1972ians who looks quite normal), in mint condition. We haven't seen too many minty fresh '72s.

Lucy, studying that David Wright card, said, "Well, at least the Mets this year are way better than Charlie Brown's team!" That's an intriguing way of looking up.

skoormit, many thanks for this on-point selection!


laf said...

ok that Charlie Brown card is incredible! Any idea where I can pick up some of them? Does it have a brand name associated?

Rod said...

WTF category Tony Gwynn rookie, Tony told his brother and I would assume his son, always know where the Photographer is.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Nice cards!! Do you guys have a list of the 1972s that you have? Im going to a card show on Saturday and might pick some up for you!

dc said...

Lucy keeps a running tab of what we've got to the right, below Gem Mint Peeps, under "Seeking."

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Oh, wow I should have spotted that. Well it is 2 in the morning here in NY so that might be a factor....

And by the way, Im going to a Met game on Monday! Expect an autograph report!!!

night owl said...

I'm certain of one thing:

If you asked Keith Hernandez what his favorite baseball card of himself is, he would definitely know.

skoormit said...

You are, of course, quite welcome. I'm so glad the Wright is a big hit. I knew the Grote would be; the Grote is clearly a Dinged Corners Kind of Card. The Wright I was worried might already be owned.