Of arms and the man I sing.

Well okay so we're not exactly Virgil-ian, we can't even write in dactylic hexameter, let alone in Latin. We can't discourse in the slightest about the ruins of Troy. Let's face it, Dinged Corners is the complete anti-Aeneid, only a 21st century baseball card blog and barely that, but at least we're free entertainment. That being said (don't you dislike it when people say 'that being said'?), here are three epic baseball-players-with-their-arms-up moments:
Thank you, David! At least we can make this prophecy: we're saving one of the best things you sent us for an epic post.

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--David said...

You are VERY welcome!! I can't wait to se which of the things in your package is going to be in the 'epic' version!