Top Ten Reasons to Collect Moe Drabowsky. And why we need to rest.

Today, we received our first Moe Drabowsky baseball card from a fellow collector, Chris of the terrific Project '62. Do you love the background here?:

Here's why we now must collect him (it's involuntary):

10) There are only three other MLB players who also were born in Poland: Nap Kloza, Henry Peploski, and Johnny Reder, and we haven't heard of any of them.
9) On his baseball cards, Moe looks charmingly vague.
8) He had one of the best games as a relief pitcher in recorded history, a record that still stands. In the 1966 World Series opener against LA Dodgers, MD entered the game in the third inning and set a one-game World Series record for relievers by striking out 11 batters.
7) In 1967, he posted a 1.60 ERA and struck out 96 in 95 2/3 innings pitched; in 1968 he posted a 1.91 ERA. In 1969, he led all relief pitchers in 1969 with 11 victories and saved 11 games.
6) After being hit in the foot by a pitch, as a practical joke he was rolled to first base once in a wheelchair when he was with the Cubs.
5) He made good copy in Jim Bouton's Ball Four. (For instance, one of his teammates claimed that Drabowsky got sick on a team flight and "puked up a panty girdle.")
4) He is known as "prankster pitcher Moe Drabowsky."
3) He won two World Series with the Baltimore Orioles.
2) He inspired pleasingly terrible puns on the back of baseball cards, like "mowing them down."

1) His name was Myron, but that didn't stick because it's physically impossible for someone named Myron to be a successful athlete. So the number one reason we like Moe Drabowsky baseball cards: his name was Moe Drabowsky.

And, in a strange twist of fate, perhaps a sort of extra sensory allegiance with David Wright, Dinged Corners got hurt today (elbow, hip, and minor head injury) at Pecos National Monument and really needs a day of R&R--preferably propped up on pillows in such a way that Bon-Bons are easily consumed.


--David said...

Great post!! And, get rest - hope you get to feeling better soon!!

night owl said...

Hmmmm, sounds like a full day of blog-reading ahead for you.

I hope you're resting comfortably and improving rapidly.

Collective Troll said...

I think I write this every time you post about Moe, but he was an awesome individual, a great coach, a hilarious and occasionaly brutal prankster and a good friend. He didn't really talk about that performance in the 66 WS to me ever-even though I brought it up almost daily. Moe rules! Or should I say Moe Knows? Cheers! Keep the Drabowsky appreciation coming! Sorry about your Wright sympathy injuries...

PunkRockPaint said...

Get well soon.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Hope you feel beter! And sorry but I didnt get the chance to pick up any 72's at the show because I spent the whole time lookin for Fernando Tatis and Pedro Feliciano cards for my Girlfriend and I was in a rush too...

Smileygirl said...

this is awesome. Moe was my Dad and I love finding stories/posts from others about him.

Thanks for sharing.

Cubfan2639 said...

Thanks for the fun article - very clever and David Letterman-like with the Top 10! Love hearing stories about him. As the author of Jocks and Socks Jim Ksicinski said - "Moe was an adult kindergarten class all to himself." He was my dad too.

Hope you feel better and enjoy the bonbons!

Cubfan2639 said...

Hey- if you are on facebook- check out the Moe Drabowsky fan club I started- there are a few stories and posted some pictures.

dinged corners said...

Cubfan2639, thank you for your comments. We're not on Facebook but many of our readers are. Is there a site address you can provide and we'll include in a post? Many thanks! (our email is nmboxer at yahoo et cetera).