Unassisted triple oy vay.

This is how dumb I am. Why don't triple plays happen more often? Is being in the right place on the field at the right time really that unusual?

In the battle of the Manuels, the Mets make history. The wrong kind, of course, but we'll take anything at this point. It happened so fast that not-very-good player Eric Bruntlett

needed a moment to realize he had ended a game with an unassisted triple play. Bruntlett became the second player in major league history to get the final three outs on his own, accomplishing the feat to preserve the Phillies’ 9-7 victory over the lovable losers. I mean the Mets. (It ended a strange game that included an inside-the-park homer after the ball got stuck under the outfield wall.) Bruntlett turned the 15th unassisted triple play in big league history—but this was only the second that ended a game. Detroit Tigers first baseman Johnny Neun

on May 31, 1927 (completing a 1-0 victory over Cleveland) became the first player to manage it.

With runners on first and second in the ninth inning and a run already in, Jeff Francoeur

hit a line drive up the middle that appeared headed toward center field for a single. But both runners were stealing on the 2-2 pitch, so Bruntlett moved over to cover second base. He caught the liner easily, stepped on second to double up Luis Castilloand then turned to tag Daniel Murphyfor the third out. Murphy tried to back away from Bruntlett, but had nowhere to go. That could be a metaphor for the whole season. We love them anyway.*

*in a defiant, puzzle kind of way

PS Paul's Random Stuff was there!

PPS Poor Frenchy.


night owl said...

I was watching this game on TV. I was trying to figure out if it was the most amazing finish to a baseball game that I have ever seen.

I think it might be. I mean Joe Carter's HR in the '93 World Series might have been more important, but even that doesn't seem as amazing.

Heh. Amazing. Mets. OK, if you're a Mets fan, that's not funny.

Tony said...

No we don't

DC said...

Tony, to clarify, we say that because we are weary of being disappointed and angry (mostly at management and about half the players). We cling to the idea of the Mets and hope for a turnaround. What else is there to do?

Tony said...

Yeah, I know.....we feel the same way about the hopeless Blue Jays....
except I'm clinging to the hope that
JP Ricciardi gets fired..I actually like the Mets...always have

capewood said...

I made a post on this today as well but yours is better. I didn't think to look for a video. Of course, your video isn't playing...

dc said...

Cliff, I took it down. You know how MLB is.