Cherry-picking 2009 Goodwin Champions.

When Goodwin Champions first appeared on eBay, there was a seller who had opened a couple of cases and quickly posted the results. We weren't sure about this product, so devoted nearly 45 minutes late one night to perusing what appeared in those box breaks. The posted photos were helpful, and it was a nice, completely noncommital way to view the set. One thing that became clear is that although we liked the design well enough, after staring at them for a while we didn't feel compelled to collect GC. The cards look like something of a cross between 2007 Goudey and 2009 Allen & Ginter, with an occasional touch of Masterpieces thrown in.

We couldn't tell from the eBay pictures anything about cardstock or texture, of course, but within days, many bloggers noted that they found the cards to be flimsier than A&G. But comparing an UD retro style product to a Topps retro style product is like comparing a boiled turkey dog on a gluten free bun to a classic grilled Nathan's Famous. The former's taste is weak and there's not enough authenticity in the nitty-gritty details.

So, combing eBay that night, we picked a few items, very reasonably priced, and now are sated with Goodwin's, with the exception of base cards for David Wright, Curtis, Barry, and John Maine. The entire enterprise took about as much time as an errand run to Target and the total price, with shipping, was less than a blaster. The method worked for us.

The autographed cards are particularly nice, because they're on-card and look sweet and pleasantly unstickery.

The mini foil cards are prettier in person than we were expecting:
Lucy likes Rollie because his name is Rollie.
The GU cards are aesthetically pleasing and the cardstock is plenty heavy:

The subtitle of Goodwin Champions should be "I've looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now."We liked the Daisuke because of the angle, the look of determination, and the leafy B:
If we had bought a blaster or a hobby box we might feel differently, but having used a little discretion and focus, we are able to give Goodwin Champions three out of a possible four dings.


JD's Daddy said...

thank you for a positive review! My boxes finally arrived today, and I am going in with an open mind and just going to enjoy the artwork. Maybe my positive mojo will result in a nice auto or GU. I'd be happy with a Jacoby mini though :)

Grand Cards said...

You know, I feel the exact same way. I was all excited and then after I really started looking at the cards I just ended up being kind of excited. I thought about going after the set, but I think I'll just stick with the Tigers (only 4!) and a full slate of the Curtis cards.

The Mojo Hand said...

Hey P&L !

I got a bunch of these Im going to send your way. Including a John Maine G.U from the set.


P.S Resend me your address.

chris OK said...

Very good idea, I must employ it for one of my This Week in Cardboarding. Very nice cards you picked up.