How far different is this from pack searching?

EDIT: The video gods took this down. But we agree with tastelikedirt that when you beat up pack searchers, first video tape it and then upload it to YouTube. While beating him up (and to date we haven't seen any female PS), say "Don't search packs, Don't search packs, Don't search packs bro',"(a variation of) the chant that we found so compelling on this video in the first place. The Dinged Corners research staff is looking in to martial arts lessons.

Actually, ok, it's more on the continuum of pack slicing/pack destroying. And yes, a bike's value is different from a box or pack of baseball cards. But we're in a philosophical mood. We've recently seen a few of those hanging repacks sliced through and the GU/auto removed and while that doesn't mean much in the great scheme of things, it's still troubling. While we're at it: is street justice ever, well, justifiable? Should the bike messenger guys have made a 'citizen's arrest' of the thief and called the police instead of whomping on him?


stusigpi said...

Bet he won't steal a bike again, just like the Boise St. guy probably won't taunt a guy again.

Tim said...

I take it the video is from new york. If so.... then justice was served...in their eyes. Luckily he wasn't ganged up on. However I do agree that pack searchers should be caught on tape and made public via the internet or news.

tastelikedirt said...

I hope when they beat up the pack searchers they video tape it put it on you tube. While they beat him up they say "Don't search packs". "Don't search packs". "Don't search packs bro".

AlbuqwirkE said...

Of course the guy will steal bikes again. That's how the world turns.

It would be a bizarre scene to walk into Target and catch the Dinged Corners research staff in the process of thumping a pack searcher.