Huston Street and Joe Blanton on one card. Supernice.

If you happen to collect cards of baseball players who have proven themselves over and over again to be extraordinarily nice guys, who wear the status of mensch proudly, then you are in luck. The cards of these players don't cost much. Especially if their corners are a tiny bit dinged and you don't notice that in the ebay auction. For instance, here are Huston Street and Joe Blanton, two of the hardest-working, most sweet-natured fellows in the game. We know this from personal experience and from corroborating stories from other blogs and emails. Here Joe and Huston are, stacked on top of one another in their Athletics uniforms. The most intriguing aspect of this card, numbered 17/50, may be the language on the back. Yes, we enjoy deconstructing corporate cardspeak. You know that. We can't help it in our neverending quest to seek card truth.

In this case, the detail about the two players' autographs makes for a stunning contrast to vagueness about the gamed used bits. One could translate this to mean, "We at Upper Deck are quite sure about the stickers. These two fellas signed a gazillion stickers for us, you betcha, and we had that witnessed and certified and notarized in three places. And those gray jersey pieces? Well, er, um, they came from a locker room somewhere having to do with Major League stuff."

And in a related development, nice don't enhance value.*

*Yes, we know that's poor English. But it sounds tougher than correct English. So we're going to take our Blanton/Street card now, and put it in our Nice Guy Binder. Well ok, we don't have a Nice Guy Binder, and anyway, this card would be too thick to put in a binder. Instead, we're going to use it as a Nice Guy Paperweight.


tastelikedirt said...

Awesome Card!
You know, Huston Street used to take public transportation to the games when he played for Oakland.


"He's concerned about greenhouse gases and the use of fossil fuels. "You know it's irresponsible for us not to consider for future generations because we've always had this luxury, but in the last 50 years we've really taken advantage of it," he says.

Mark's Ephemera said...

There's a nice home for sale on Blanton Street in Aloha, OR.

dayf said...

I'm willing to wager that at least 1/16th of all Upper Deck's jersey pieces are bits of Richard's McWilliam's old feety pajamas. Imagine if you got a piece of the flap in the back. Hey, with the vagueness of that wording it's a solid enough theory...

lonestarr said...

Solidly creepy!