Ichiro 2,000: six-in-30.

Ichiro Suzuki, the first Japanese position player to sign with a Major League team, had a pretty good day yesterday when he smacked his 2,000th hit (he's the second-fastest player to reach the mark, after Al Simmons). Some say this accomplishment was overshadowed by the go-ahead grand slam from Scott Hairston and by the fact that the A's, not the Mariners, won the game. It is interesting that Ichiro often seems to move under the radar.

This year, Ichiro's batting average is .362, and he has never finished with an average below .303 in the big leagues.

The 35-year-old player also had 1,278 hits in the Japanese major leagues in a career that goes back to 1993. Ichiro has 128 hits in Oakland, his favorite road park. His 227 hits against the A's is his second most behind the 239 he has earned against the Texas Rangers.

Anyway, Lucy and I played the Six-in-30 game with Lucy's Ichiro binder, and here are the results. The Goodwin above is the first of my choices; then five more:

2007 Turkey Red:

2008 UD Series 1 #364:
2003 UD Vintage checklist:2008 A&G black-bordered mini:2008 Topps Heritage (black-back, on the right):

And here are Lucy's six picks (she had no trouble doing this in the teensy time allotted):

2008 Goudey:

2008 UD Series I #739:2008 UD Piece of History:2008 UD Series 2 Starquest:2008 Topps Dick Perez:2008 Topps Highlights GU:

Scientific observation: upon completion of the six-in-30 challenge, adults go back and think uh-oh, how could I have missed that one. Kids DO NOT.

Please weigh in on the Curt Schilling poll at right above. We're intrigued by the results and will try to, well, er, make something of them tomorrow.

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dayf said...

Uh oh, you have now established the precedent that is is acceptable to play the 6 in 30 game multiple times with different binders.