In the matter of Brian Runge and Ichiro....

...last year umpire Runge apologized to Jerry Manuel, hapless manager of my hapless Mets, after Runge ejected Manuel and Carlos Beltran for arguing a called third strike and Runge appeared to bump Manuel before tossing him. First, check out the .gif. Ichiro, who is of a calm nature and has not been thrown out of a game in his 18-year career, used his bat to draw a line on the outer edge of the plate, demonstrating that he thought perhaps David Purcey's strike-three pitch was outside. Even though the pitch was a tiny bit outside, Ichiro knew that drawing the line would get him the boot. He seems pretty zenlike during the whole ordeal. Runge DOES NOT. So both were in the wrong in the rational world. But in the called third strike department, perhaps the umpire was a little Rungey again. To clarify, we don't like the way the umpire got in Ichiro's face. That's all we're sayin'.


thehamiltonian said...

I watched it live, and then it seemed like every other game I watched cut in with a shot of Ichiro getting kicked out.

They pretty much all agreed that drawing the line in the dirt went a little bit too far. As ejections go, it was very orderly. No spitting or chest bumping.

Two Packs A Day said...

I certainly don't think Ichiro should have been tossed. He was calm and someone with his plate discipline deserves to draw or touch the ground with a bat where he thought the ball was. If it were Adam Dunn, Vlad Guerrero, Mark Reynolds, or Ryan Howard, I'd have a different opinion since they have no plate discipline.

Now, whatever happened to Questec? ;) I"m getting to the point I would not mind robotic ball/strike decisions because umpires are getting too inconsistent lately (and especially in the Red Sox/Angels game where the ump blew balls and strikes with Nick Green at the plate the 9th inning).

The Mojo Hand said...

In my opinion Its very comparable to Kanye Wests treatment of Taylor Swift. You cant ask yourself the simple question as to why?


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