We can no longer be Church-goers. Still.

We haven't had time in ages, unfortunately, to send out any through the mail autograph requests from any bright, shiny baseball players. Maybe around Christmas we'll be able to zero in on a day or two and accomplish that. So it was all the more pleasant to find this addition to our 2008 Allen & Ginter project in our mailbox yesterday:

To Lucy, and other members of the family, I asked: are you sad that Ryan Church is gone? That he is de-Metted? I mean, the postmark on the envelope was, gulp, Atlanta. All the bright-eyed positive people responded, "Nope! It's just nice that he returned it!"

Well, I do miss Ryan, I can't help myself. If it's possible for a hulking baseball player to be a drama queen, he kind of is one, in a pleasant sort of way, and he is one of the people who humanized the current inexplicably corporate tangle of inept administrative and injured athletic humanity that is "the Mets."

Now, Jeff Francoeur is a good lad also, what with all the helmet throwing and stomping around in petulant huffs. So it was almost an equal trade, drama-wise. But take care of yourself, little Ryan Church. Don't bunk into any more walls and all. Don't hurt your noggin. You're one of those people who will always be a little bit Met to us.


zman40 said...

That is a great looking signature. You don't see too many like that from today's players.

dayf said...

I like Church. He'll look good in an outfield with McLouth, Diaz and Heyward next year.

Joe S. said...

Very nice! I actually just sent Ryan a TTM request, hopefully he returns it before the season ends! It's such a fun hobby within the hobby, isn't it?

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Nice! Ryan used to be one of my favorite mets! I still root for him now that hes down south though! And I hope I get my church TTM back sometime soon, I sent to him back in spring training.