We present a baseball card blog digest...

...of sorts, because we're taking exams, and our brain has shrunk to the size of a BB in a boxcar; thus we look to other baseball card blogs to provide quality reading matter. As you know there's an impressive amount of wonderful material out there. These are among our favorite posts from bbc blogs on our 'Sonically Sealed' blogroll this week--helpfully arranged so you can click on each one like turning pages in a magazine. Of course, you have to keep coming back here to read the whole Weekly Digest, but our technology is limited. Warning: we'll need to do this every Friday pretty much until December 10, when life will approach its normal pace around here.

Core Contrarian: Just go the main page and read the first few stories. That blog rocks.
Wrigley Wax: Topps Degrees of Separation. Cool. With pictures!
A Giant Blog: Cool Giants Newsreels. Excellent find, MattR.
Balk Four: My Auto'd Letter Project. How to include your child in collecting even when said child is only 19 months old. Sweet.
Sharpe Since 92: Nick Swisher, You're My Hero. Great Topps '09 Series 2 blaster commentary.
JDz Wild Cards: Big Brother: Gasbag Edition. This needs to be a monthly series based on current events. Great idea.

Also, please weigh in with your favorite song that moves you in the post below. We have to keep each other entertained, you know.


MattR said...

Thanks for the compliment. I like finding cool films like that. :)

MattR said...

That six degrees of separation post is a cool one. I'm going to try that one with the Giants when I have time.

Anthony K. said...

Thanks for namedropping the blog :D

I had planned on doing something like this on Sunday's, with a top 10 type list of blog posts to read to catch up on the week.

You beat me to it *shakes fist*

Guess I will start NEXT week.

mybaseballcards said...

Nothing like blogging about baseball cards, I love the hobby!

Sharpe said...

Took me a while to stumble across your link over to my place, but most appreciated. Helped me find a couple other places I haven't visited yet.