2009 Topps with the greatest of ease.

We were the lucky recipients of a package from the highly readable and well-tempered Hamiltonian blog. When it comes right down to it, this year's base Topps design is really pretty darned nice, isn't it? There's some excellent midair moment action in there, too:
That capless Kapler is neat.
On the one hand, this is a great midair moment card. On the other, it's not the nicest shot of Mr. Langerhans, unless he doesn't mind Goofy Expression Cards of Self.
Jump, Mitch, jump! Brief UD interlude: the classic Curtis baserunning stance.

There it is again. The All-Star inserts are nice. That's a classic David batting pose, too. Ooops, his pantyline is showing. Not that we're complaining.Shane Victorino demonstrates a creaseless rear view.

Ichiro, all-business. If he played on the Yankees, would he be the most beloved, respected, terrifying player of all time?

Thank you, wonderful Hamiltonian!


night owl said...

Answer to first question: Yes, they are.

Answer to last question: Yes, he would.

thehamiltonian said...

I knew those cards would have a good home with you.

zman40 said...

That is a great looking Maier card. I thought about proposing a trade for it, but it wouldn't look good signed. There is way too much black on it. BUT, it is still a cool looking card nonetheless.