The anti-card from Topps.

1989 Bowman baseball cards were 2.5" x 3.75", a mere .25" too big, and it's an outrage whenever you get one. Right? Nary a binder or sleeve or toploader wants anything to do with them. So here's an idea. Let's produce screen prints of baseball cards that are 17" by 21"! Based on the 2009 Updates & Highlights Baseball Propaganda Inserts set, whatever that is, the Topps online store is offering, at a mere sixty dollars a pop, screen prints of a bunch of players (numbered to 200). Such as Joe:
There's the artist, Chris Speakman, at work: Josh:




Now, if these were 2.5" x 3.5", we'd talk turkey! But as it is, please file these humongo card art things under "We Don't Get It." Hm, we wonder if this is how people feel when they find out we collect baseball cards.


Two Packs A Day said...

what's wrong with collecting the normal card-sized inserts of these posters? I have two cards so far that I've gotten in packs and they are pretty neat, but not neat enough to get the poster-sized version of anything I've seen so far.

beardy said...

It's um... like... art or somethin?

shanediaz82 said...

I have to say, if they sold those same prints with blown up vintage cards instead I'd probably buy one and frame it for my office/card room.

Dinged Corners said...

Yes, as normal-sized inserts they look fine. We agree that if Topps did, say, the 1956 design this way, or even 1971 or 1972, we might have to get one........although not sure where I'd be allowed to display it. :)

laf said...

the guy has been making these posters for several years... Topps adopted his art and got him some advertising. They are selling the original product rather than the 2.5x3.5 reprints.


Sharpe said...

I totally dig the design on these cards/posters/whatever they are.

Where can I get them again? :)

Spiff said...

I agree with you on the over-size cards as far as sleeves and toploaders. There are pages sized in the 1989 Bowman size though that fit in the regular binders. I have my 1989 Bowman and Topps Big in them.