Are they worth it?

2009 salary, bonuses, endorsements, as compiled by The Daily Beast:

1. Alex Rodriguez - $34,500,000:

2. Derek Jeter - $24,000,000:
3. CC Sabathia - $20,400,000:
4. Mark Texeira - $20,300,000:
5. Barry Zito - $18,800,000:
6: Carlos Lee - $18,600,000:
7. Carlos Zambrano - $17,950,000:
8. $17,900,000 - Torii Hunter:

9. A.J. Burnett - $16,700,000:

10. Ryan Howard -$16,700,000:

They aren't curing cancer. They aren't teaching your children. They aren't putting out fires. They probably aren't losing sleep over worry about health care for their families, or mortgage payments. Are they worth the money they make?


paulsrandomstuff said...

Are any of the high profile folks in the entertainment industry?

Laurens said...

They are worth it, considering how many season tickets a particular team sells and how many other ways a team can profit off having marquee priced players on their roster.

It is likely the case, where it is billionaire owners being able to afford the salaries of these multimillionaires.

mmosley said...

The simple answer is no. It makes me shake my head when I see that players make more per inning of play than I do for teaching 100 8th graders per year.

But as long as baseball teams make huge profits and refuse to lower ticket prices, then the players we come to see should get the money.

Omar Minaya and the Mets team trainer and conditioning coaches should get NOTHING!

Drew said...

Notice how Pujols isn't on the list

I think A-Rod isn't worth it, sure he's worth a lot, but not that much

Jeter is definitely worth every penny

CC is worth every dime

Teixeira is worth it, maybe a little less

Zito, hate to say this, especially to you, is not worth it at all

Same above aplies to Carlos Lee & Carlos Zambrano

Torii Hunter had a good start in the 2009 season but really slowed down so I'd say no to him either, though I really like him.

Burnett has had his ups and downs, many more downs, take away about 3 or 4 million and it may be a little better.

Howard is worth more than that, along with Pujols, but of course the Phillies can't be paying their stars at a Yankees rate or else they'd go bankrupt

Honestly, these guys don't deserve all that money, but if anybody deserved let's say 15 mil at the most it would be Jeter, A-Rod, CC, Teixeira, Pujols, Howard, Verlander, Ichiro, Beckett, ah man, many more too, just can't think at 8 in the morning :)

Mr J Mel said...

No, they are not worth the money they make, however sometimes we forget that these guys all have owners that can pay these salaries. Are the owners worth the money they make? They own a baseball team!

bailorg said...

If someone is going to make a ton of money off of baseball, I'd rather give it to the players since they are the ones we all pay to see.

capewood said...

I've always said that a baseball player deserves whatever anyone is willing to pay them. Are they worth that much? Is anyone? The salary of a baseball player ought to be based on his value to the owner. Either the player makes money for the owner (puts butts in the seats), assuming the owner is motivated by profit, or get's the team to the playoffs (assuming the owner is motivated by ego). That's capitalism. The owner has money and can spend it the way he or she likes.

Dinged Corners said...

And capitalism has worked so well for our economy! For instance, in the financial sector.

NicoLax24 said...

If you think of the question in relation to the super star's production on the field in comparison to some other players' production that are paid much less, it is true that some of them aren't worth it. However, these high paid players command these salaries because in general they have proven to be consistent producers. The risk in spending a huge chunk of change on them is much less than spending that same money on a second year player that had a dynamite first year.

Also, their salaries are all dependent on what the market determines them to be worth. It's just like Capewod said above, the issue comes down to the workings of the capitalist economic system.

Lastly, many Americans confuse being rich with being evil. Utilizing your skills to milk the economy for every dime you can earn does not make you evil. Being rich is not a bad thing. In fact, many of these highly paid players are quite generous, and benefit the economy in so many ways. For example, Derek Jeter just won the Roberto Clemente award for his charity, Turn Two. This charity is made possible by the his enormous salary and his star power that demands such a salary. Because he has the funds to do so Derek has been influential in establishing healthy lifestyles for children with his Turn 2 Foundation.

dayf said...

I was going to make a snarky comment about the salaries of some folks at Lehman, AIG, GM, Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Fannie & Freddie, every insurance executive ever and anyone working in ZIP codes 20200 to 20599, but you seem to have beat me to it. :)

Ken said...

Well some of those players like Burnett are overpaid when compared to his peers, but as for the larger question of whether or not players in general are worth the millions they are paid, the answer is yes.

They are worth it because they are the reason 73 million people attended baseball games this year.

They generate billions and billions of dollars through merchandise sales, tv etc.

Their value is based on the profits they create, not some arbitrary moral code that states teachers and fire men are more valuable to society therefore baseball players aren't worth millions. That's a false argument. It makes no sense.

I do understand people getting angry at the players getting paid millions to play a game, while we struggle just to make ends meet, but in my opinion, that is confusing the issues. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Would people rather we go back to pre-Curt Flood days: low salaries and brutal ownership that pocketed all the profits?