As the World Twins.

So Delmon Young went beserko at his Twins teammate Jose Minares after Minares threw behind (former Twin) Adam Everett in the eighth inning of a Minnesota 8-3 victory against Detroit. The Tigers' Jeremy Bonderman hit Young on the right knee with the first pitch of the ninth inning. It's interesting that Mr. Young, in pain, didn't charge the mound; instead he went after his own teammate.

(In an unrelated comment, we must say that this Young auto, borrowed from the interwebs, is one of the worst-affixed sticker autos we've ever seen, and we've seen some baddies.) Young slammed his helmet to the ground and benches cleared but then the debenched, testosterone-crazed players just milled around because, well, where's the fight?

Twins catcher Mike Redmond said, “I’ve seen players get angry with their own pitcher in that situation before, but I’ve never seen it happen on the field.”

And of course part two of As the World Twins is the shocking, appalling not news that Joe Mauer was caught stealing signals. Yes, the likely American League MVP at second base relayed signals to home plate to give Jason Kubel

a heads-up on the next pitch. It worked, as Kubel got a base hit and the Twins won.

I'm not posting the footage of this because undoubtedly MLB will take it down. But the only issue there seems to be: not that there was sign stealing, but the relatively BLATANT sign stealing by the much beloved Mr. Joe Clean. Tigers catcher Gerald Laird put it all in perspective by saying, "[The Twins are] really good at stealing signs. It’s a skill. There’s nothing bad about it; they’re just well prepared.”

Mijares image from Rookie Whites blog.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

I had no idea Delmon and Everet were close?!? Or did he think Mijares should have gone for the head?

dayf said...

If ya ain't cheatin', ya ain't tryin'.