Babe Ruth yada yada yada?

Since so much of baseball happened before the television age, it's worth checking out the home movie footage of Babe Ruth in this NY Times article. The at-bat is interesting, although teeny and distant, but there's also some rare footage of Ruth playing in the outfield, where he spent more than 2,200 games.

Be honest with us. Are there baseball cards of Babe Ruth that you like? We're ashamed to admit we are overcome with boredom whenever we hear his name in the realm of cardboard. It must reveal some failing in us as baseball fans? Or baseball history buffs? So we don't care for many Ruth cards...except this Goudey:

Also, please vote in the poll at right. You can vote up to twice, because there are two questions to which we'd like to know your responses. One is where you get your cards; the other is, IF you had a card shop near you, would you be loyal to it if the prices were competitive? Is that the key?

Or is there just no hope for brick and mortar anymore?


White Sox Cards said...

Ruth, like Mantle, has been shoved down our throats enough. That being said, I do like the card of Babe on the Baltimore Orioles (1914, I think) because it shows him in a different uniform. I tend to like the cards that use photos that aren't really used of overexposed players.

For a surprising fantasy view of Babe Ruth's career, take a look at this post.


EdS said...

Honestly, I have never bought individual cards from either of the two shops near me. I use them basically to buy supplies and then I buy a pack or two due to guilt. I know I should support their business, but their prices are not even close to what you can find online either on ebay or other auction store sites.

I also get a lot of my cards via trading with other bloggers.

Two Packs A Day said...

there is certainly nothing wrong with brick and mortar - if done right.

I order all my boxes from brick and mortar stores that have a online presence and move enough volume that they can sell boxes at reasonable or cheap prices.

Brick and mortar stores in Albuquerque don't move enough volume to have reasonable box rates or don't have a significant online component to move enough product to have reasonable box prices.

bul2 said...

Hey, What about online card shops?
Should I vote for "baseball card shops only" if that's my case?


I'm a pretty serious history buff of the game and I haven't really tired of seeing or hearing about Ruth.But,unlike all you youngsters, I'm almost old enough to remember him playing !! There are no shops near me.I can't say I would be completely loyal, as your question imposes, but I feel I would purchase frequently as long as prices were reasonable.Actually, opening a small shop of sorts,may be part of my retirement in a few years.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Unfortunately none of the above. I get the singles I need from fellow bloggers (thx folks) and avoid buying packs. It's too expensive for my budget!

Mark's Ephemera said...

Hmmm, I'll have to think about your poll.

I only buy packs and singles. I've never bought a box nor a blaster.

The packs I do buy generally come from Wal-Mart or Target. Although I saw something I hadn't seen in years. A box of Topps 7 card cello packs at Walgreen's. 99 cents. I didn't buy any. Don't need them.

I did buy a pack of football cards at Wal-Mart the other night. I almost felt like a pack searcher. I selected the brand and then picked up the top pack. It felt thick for just 6 cards. I picked up another pack to compare. It was thinner. I put back the thin pack, telling myself that I had already selected the thick pack first and I would stay with it.

Walked around the store making other purchases (but I didn't hold up the bottles of Downy to see which one felt heavier).

I paid for the items in my cart. Took everything to the car and opened the pack. 6 cards. And a thick foam filler. I should post the cards as a pack break.

Dinged Corners said...

bul2, yes, that seems right. And of course we should have added "and other bloggers" to all options!

Sharpe said...

The one brick and motar store that I'm familiar with in the Twin Cities isn't competitive on price. And it's not even close. We're talking $20 differences on boxes. I really, really, really wanted to support them because there just aren't many around anymore, but at that price is unreasonable.

So I buy packs at Target once in a while, trade for singles online. I'm now pondering putting my box buying cash into ebay auctions for autographs and sets that I'd like to have. Seems like the cheapest route by far.

If packs were $1, and boxes closer to $40, I could rationalize it for the thrill of pack breaking. Next year, I won't be buying any boxes at all, and this after purchasing 3 this year, plus a ton of Target packs.