Blown calls make the playoffs interesting.

That's the latest excuse for why we find ourselves watching the Yankees/Angels games so closely. Because let me tell you something, buster, it ain't because we can all of a sudden at least sort of abide the Yankees. Because that would be really alarming.

Don't kill the umpires (even though there have been some VERY strange incorrect calls that make you wonder if the umpires are perhaps thinking about something else during the game). At least they can't issue penalties, like in football, and really bollix up the works.

To me the more concerning issue is calling balls and strikes-especially in the late innings of close games. There doesn't seem to be a consistent strike zone among major league umpires.

PS Doesn't Anaheim stadium use QuesTec? Check out the weird animation that company has for its Umpire Information System.

The Tim McClelland card is from Matt's Pen & Paper Heroes.


Paul said...

In the past, baseball has refused to acknowledge a mistake so this is at least progress. The fact of the matter is that the game is too fast for the umpires to be able to keep up.

If the game is as stop/start as it is - why not utilise technology?

The Drizz said...

what got lost in this whole thing was why the hell was cano's dumb-ass not on the base?

Anonymous said...

When we watch baseball, it is on every television in the house!
When we watch football, well, it the TV is blank!
When I am asked to see a baseball game, I can’t say no!
When I am asked to see a football game, Nah.
When I lose my baseball equipment, I go crazy!
When I lose my football equipment, I don’t bother to look in the lost-and –found.
When my sister is watching baseball, I join her!
When my sister is watching football, I switch to the nature channel.
When I have a baseball in my hands, I play!
When I have a football in my hands, oh, I just drop it and go inside to watch TV.

MattR said...

My wife and I were watching the game at Native New Yorker (35 cent wings night) and even the Yankee fans at the table next to us were yelling at the TV about the calls.

paulsrandomstuff said...

I'd like to see some of the media folks that are criticizing the umpires for missing calls go down on the field and try to do better.

When the ballplayers stop making dumb mistakes, then maybe it will be fair to start asking the umpires to be perfect.