Bob Abreu update.

I like how Mark (mmosley) describes why he likes this card, especially the first sentence: "Can't really tell you why I like this card so much. Interesting composition...

...Name on the jersey. Big red helmet. Donut thing on the bat. 1984 fleer. It's a great card!" Those ineffabilities are exactly why and how we like baseball cards, so we understand.

Now, Edwin (bul2) makes a great collecting distinction that you may recognize from your own collectotoils: "I'm not a fan but I like him enough to have his cards in one of my binders (not good enough for a separate holder)." Distinction understood. This card is "a 1993-1994 Venezuela Winter league card before he made it to MLB. It features him with the 'Leones de Caracas' uniform. I got it on a local flea market:"

Here's a link to Phungo's selections. I'm glad Phungo left a comment because somehow we hadn't discovered his blog, and it's a good one, even if you DON'T root for the Phillies. Mr. Phungo points out that he likes the pre-Bobby era cards, when the player was the more distinguished 'Bob.' Such as this 2000 Topps:

"I liked him because he had a good mix of power and speed and could work counts. His defense is pretty suspect although his strong arm earned him a gold glove a few years back. FWIW anybody that can bat third for the Angels and Yankees must be doing something right."

We hadn't seen any of these cards before and can understand why they made the cut. So, since the Mets are in Oblivia right now we'll say, "Go Bob! It's nice to know you have some sweet cardboard."

Thank you bul2, Mark and deal for the great responses!

Next up: a cold, blackened Cajun heart analysis of the poll results. Don't forget to vote!


dayf said...

Nothing to do with Bobby, but here's something you'll like:


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Dinged Corners said...

Fantastic photos. Thank you dayf, we really enjoyed that.