Cardboard Investigaton: rethinking Bobby Abreu.

Bobby Abreu is respected as a hardworking player; he is willing to walk and he gets relatively few homeruns. He has 2,111 career hits, a .299 average, a .404 on-base percentage and a .493 slugging percentage. Only 15 other players have career marks as high in all four categories. Ten are in the Hall of Fame, and the others are active or not yet eligible: Edgar Martinez, Frank Thomas, Manny Ramirez, Chipper Jones, and Todd Helton.

On Sunday in Boston, facing Jonathan Papelbon with two on, two out and the Angels trailing by two in the ninth inning, Mr. Abreu took a ball, then hit three fouls before doubling. One run scored, and two came in on a double by Vladimir Guerrero. Abreu scored the winning run and advanced to the championship series for the first time in his 13-year career.

He hasn't inspired cardboard greatness, as far as we can tell, so when we get one of his cards, it is tossed unceremoniously into the "yawn" pile. But perhaps he deserves a bit more respect. Perhaps we're missing something on the cardboard Abreu front. What's your favorite Bobby Abreu baseball card? If we can find images of any cards you mention (or if you comment and then email a scan) we'll add them to this post as a H/T to a hardworking, non-fist-pumping, non-self-aggrandizing baseball player. We would like to be proved wrong that Bobby Abreu hasn't inspired good cardboard. Oh and yay! He's ancient, like us!


bul2 said...

I'm not a fan but I like him enough to have his cards in one of my binders (not good enough for a separate holder). Not a great card but to share it, I'll mail you a pic of a 1993-1994 Venezuela Winter league card before he made it to MLB. It features him with the "Leones de Caracas" uniform. I got it on a local flea market.

mmosley said...

2004 Fleer Platinum! Sending scan now.

deal said...

I like his older cards that just list him as "Bob Abreu". He had mixed review in Philadelphia. I liked him because he had a good mix of power and speed and could work counts. His defense is pretty suspect although his strong arm earned him a gold glove a few yrs back.

FWIW anybody that can bat third for the Angels and Yankees must be doing something right.

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