Let's review the Mets season! aaaaaaugggh

Slow to post this week because I had to study the circulation process (don't get me started about alveoli!) and dosages for a variety of meds in my emergency medicine class. Fitting enough, because I could have used a nice shot of albuterol and Atrovent myself after this Mets season. ]]rim shot[[

But seriously. The Mets' last game of the season was a 4-0 victory against the Houston Astros. The Metropolitans have officially been out of playoff contention for three weeks; unofficially, for a lot longer. They finished 70-92...their most losses since 2003.

Perhaps this is why, according to the NY Times, Nick Evans' most memorable moment of the season had nothing to do with the game; it was when he had his photo taken with Jerry Seinfeld at Citi Field. You could look it up.

If you have seen the appalling video of the appalling Jeff Wilpon saying that "the fans deserve better," but he's keeping Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel, he's keeping himself, and he's planning lots more "organizational meetings," then you know that next season will not be any better.

So let's focus on the good news, shall we? Howard Johnson is a popular and effective hitting coach;

he'll be back, we hope. He certainly helped Jeff Francoeur and Daniel Murphy. In fact, the Mets had the best batting average in the National League (.270), partly thanks to HoJo.

Razor Shines is well liked by players.

Will he stay?

Will he be third-base coach? Or will he take over for Sandy Alomar Sr. as the bench coach?

What about the pitching coach, Dan Warthen? His staff issued 616 walks! Hello. That is the second most in baseball. And what did he do to Mike


By the way, if you haven't checked out Mike Pelfrey's House, please do so, for its unparalleled favorite-player-purist-collecting energy.

Will John Franco join the staff? Not as pitching coach, though. SOMEONE has to really work with Pelf, John Maine,

and Oliver Perez, God knows. (PS We still love John Maine.

So there.) As the Times puts it, "Should the Mets decide not to retain the bullpen coach Randy Niemann, Franco may be a more appropriate fit in that role."

By the way, how great is the array of stuff in that John Franco card?! Score really knew how to depict clutter! Although there are, tragically, no folding chairs visible, there's plenty to keep us busy, with our favorite image being the...never mind, it's impossible to choose.

What about catcher? What about Jose "Hamstring" Reyes? What about power? They only hit 95 home runs this year. Do they need to move home plate ten feet in? They've actually been discussing that, and other teams have done it in their stadiums...including the Dodgers.

Did you know they are only the second team since 1993 (Marlins) to hit fewer than 100 home runs over a 162-game season?

To close, here is a memorable quote from Carlos Beltran: "I believe the organization and Omar will do whatever it takes to put a good team--for the fans, for the players. They have done it every single year. It hasn't worked out, but they have done a real good job...." Anyone care to parse that thought?

Oh well. There's always the albuterol.


dayf said...

Did you ever find that Beltran card?

To be fair, the Mets were killed by injuries this year. Paying a lot of money for Oliver Perez didn't help though. And what was up with Wright?? They will be better next year. You'll still have to contend with the Phils Fish and Bravos. Nats, not so much.

Dinged Corners said...

You are a gentleman and a scholar to say these things. But don't you think the massive number of injuries indicates a behind-the-scenes problem, too? Even Wilpon acknowledged that. Sorta.

And no dayf, we never found that card. It exists only in a phantom blog post photo. ]sniff[

The Mojo Hand said...

Im jealous!!

This coming from a 35 year old Athletics fan.


James said...

I'm thrilled HoJo is coming back. He's really proving himself as a hitting instructor. It's good to also hear that Backman will most likely be with the organization somewhere.

I'm not sure what value Shines brings... he couldn't judge an OF arm all season.

packaddict said...

Did that Beltran card come stained like that?!

Dinged Corners said...

Yes, it came pre-stained and individually wrapped. We also got a stained David Wright card. All those fancy extras, and no additional charge!

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Hello! Thanks for the plug! I really appreciate it! I aggree that warthen messed up pelf... toss him!
And I would love to see Mr Nelson Figueroa return for 2010. Also I think Im fine with Murphy, only changes I want:
1 decent SP (lackey?)
A decent OF bat (Holliday?)
And I wouldnt mind if we traded away reyes, I never liked him.
Im also happy with these pleasant surprise players this year:
Josh Thole, Jeff Francouer (sign him long term!) And I like Alex Cora hes a great leader!
Lets see Omar and Wilpon surprise me this winter! GO METS 2010!