Night Owl fever; poll analysis.

Here's what surprised us in our "I get my baseball card packs and boxes from..." poll. Only 27% of respondents said "I'd be completely loyal to card shops if their prices were better." Twenty-five percent said they rely on Target, Walmart, and Kmart. Seven percent said card shops only; 4% said eBay only. One person said card shows only. Thirty-four percent said "healthy mix." Not surprisingly, no one admitted to relying on eTopps or MLB.

For some reason, we thought that if a competitively priced card shop miraculously appeared down the street, everyone would swear allegiance, but only 27% did. Perhaps a fair interpretation would be, if a card shop competed with big box store prices, people would frequent that card shop and leave the Marts behind; what people would not leave behind is the interwebs.

In that regard, we ought to have added "Other blogworld people" as a card source. For instance, recently Night Owl sent us some cards; we found them on our desk after an exhausting day. In the bubbleope were numerous items that really lifted our spirits, much the way Night Owl's writing often lifts our spirits. In examining the cards, we must begin with the most absurd Topps Heritage card of the year, and possible of all time:

At the risk of invoking the voice of the frightening Andy Rooney, we must ask, who designed this card? What were they thinking? What is the deal with that particular photo of Abraham Lincoln and its placement on the South Lawn of the White House? And the photo of Barack Obama heading toward the 16th President's left ear? It gets worse.
This card back is disturbing. Okay, so there's an elephant and donkey on the road to the White House from Illinois (just the elephant and donkey; no people), Abe and Barack floaty heads, a dark cloud looming over the White House, the south portico again, only this time drawn in a style best described as "End of Days." But the most intriguing aspect is the text. Thus we parse. "Eager to create consensus yet independent men" (a clause that makes no sense), "Lincoln and Obama share" (present tense) "a paradoxical political brilliance" (say what?) "Even opponents of their policies usually liked them" (past tense). This is a keeper!
There are no better backgrounds in seventies cards than those of 1972 Topps. Case closed!

We're saps for Topps Chrome, no argument. So are you, we betcha. But the blue-edged Topps Chrome are BEAUTIFUL. This one of Zoolander Zito is numbered 193/199.

Goodwin Champions is a pleasant interlude, isn't it? These are goodhearted cards.
Greg was thoughtful enough to send some midair moments. 1992 Upper Deck is a sharp design.

We noticed that the spectators watching Ryne Sandberg seem extremely well-behaved, tidy, and well-dressed. Perhaps they are waiting for a cricket match. [Editorial note: this is not relevant, but I'm typing this at 11pm-ish, and the coyotes are going crazy! They are yipping and yowling and howling in the near distance. Even after many years living in the Southwest, that still gets my attention.]

Then Night Owl added a card that indicates he might have noticed a brief mention we made a while back that our secret vice is Chris Young (Padres rendition). This is one of the best-designed sticker autographs we've seen:

The back is nicely designed:
2006 Upper Deck Auto-Facts. It says "the card was sent to Upper Deck directly from Chris Young." Thus, if we take this statement at face value, Mr. Young signed not the stickers but the cards with stickers already affixed. Is that almost as good as an on-card auto? We like the friendly "Enjoy your autographed card!" exclamation, too. We will!

We end with this '09 Topps WBC card of David Wright, taken well before he began this atrocious season. Perhaps his grimace indicates a sneaking feeling that he knew what was coming.

Thank you very much, Greg!


night owl said...

Your breakdown of the Lincoln/Obama card back is fantastic. Crazy writing and illustrating by Topps.

chris OK said...

Great cards Owl sent. The Zito Blue I am sure looks nice to your Xfactor :)

On the poll topic, I voted Walmart, Target because that is where I get the majority of my cards. The problem I had with the poll was you were only allowed one option. So, I went with where I buy the most. I do get some cards from ebay and occasional get to a hobby shop. But, I didn't vote loyal to hobby because frankly I can hardly get to my local hobby store with their inconvenient hours and location.

Sharpe said...

Agreed, I'm having a good laugh at the Rooney commentary.

Have you ever noticed how crazy ramblings can be, well, so crazy? We did and we sat down with Dinged Corners . . .

I must stop now for fear of getting carried away with that voice. Thanks for picking up my Friday afternoon!