Ode to Fleer Metal Universe.

Don't know much about Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe baseball cards, and had in fact not seen them until Greg A. sent us several in the mail for no good reason, as is his way. He sent along a poem also, an ode as it were, which we present in its entirety. We're sorry our scanner is not doing justice to the cards, which are fierce and bright. They aren't exactly holographic, and they aren't exactly 3D, but they are unique and make us wonder, why no more? Did Fleer care or something? Above is an example of the card backs: vivid color photographs of the players, completely different than the front. We liked the Salmon and Gordon Battle of The Eyebrows. Anyway, here is the verse:

Kile is gone

God rest his soul
Here's he's pitching
from the fishing hole

Ray's in Chicago
Playin' for the Sox
Jumping over the water
From docks to docks

The batter hit a foul
And Terry's mask was tossed
Now he's still searching
For it in the frost.

Carl did well as a Met
His stats reached such a height
That Houston came a'calling
Now he's gonna miss his flight.

Kenny hits for average
He's looking for some power
But Kenny, you won't find it
On that electric tower!

Tom's a fireballer
So he gets lots of K's
But it wasn't his intention
To set the field ablaze.

Tom's name is like a fish
Don't mock him, that's not cool
You won't find him in the sea,
But maybe sunning by the pool.
Where is that plane going?
On the base path or the tarmac?
Avoiding a bad midair moment
Is a diving Tony Womack.

The craziest place to find

Our good friend Aaron Boone
Is fielding a grounder
On the surface of the moon.

Poem by Greg Armentrout; cards selected by Greg Armentrout; general awesomeness by Greg Armentrout.

Thanks Greg for this tribute to cards that cared.


SpastikMooss said...

Fleer Metal Universe is the best. I have a Tony Gonzalez (NFL) card where it looks like he's racing a train. And Robert Brooks is standing in the middle of a farm.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Poetry in motion ... or Poetry in metal.