On the Crazy Train with Allen & Ginter and Yuto.

As we ponder the question, "are the Yankees going to choke?" we thought we'd offer up a post about a trade we worked out with gentleman and scholar Collective Troll recently. Our girls really like this:

Yuto is nine years old.

So is Lucy. Anyhow, the Yuto A&G card is often for sale on eBay for a sizable amount of money. Being major skeptics, we thought we'd mention in this context the source we always use for "book value," and that is the "advanced search" feature on eBay. Whenever we are contemplating purchasing an above average card--that is, more than a few dollars--it's worth going to Advanced Search, scrolling down, checking "completed listings only" and letting the truth set us free. That will reveal what real people actually pay for items, and it's truly astonishing to us when sellers don't do their homework and check these completed sales. It's not rare to see a Buy It Now listed for several hundred percent over what anyone has actually paid for the same item recently.

If sellers want to turn something over fast--and why wouldn't they, with all those fees?--they should average the last two or three real-life sales of that item, add a couple of dollars (or not), put up a BIN, and voila, auction complete! Move on! In the real world.

Okay, excuse the rant, which is not the point. The point is, whether or not Yuto's guitarism is your cup of tea, good gosh he's cute.


Jeremy said...

That dude's awesome! I remember seeing his card, but I've never seen him play until now. I like how he has such confidence when he performs.

JD's Daddy said...

Thanks ladies, that made my night! I can only imagine little JD at that age rocking out on Ellen.

That's one nutty guitar, but I guess if I were nine I would want a huge pokodot guitar also. And whats up with howdy dudey on bass?

skoormit said...

I think sellers see BIN as a convenience for the buyer, not for the seller. The buyer does not have to wait for an auction to end to find out if they won the item and for how much. Since the option adds convenience and certainty to the buying experience, it generally costs a little more.

Some sellers, of course, are just out to dupe someone. I've seen ordinary Topps base cards from 2009 with a BIN price of $5 or more. Does the seller think that the card is worth anything close to that to an informed buyer? No. They are hoping that an uninformed buyer stumbles along, reads the description, and assumes the price is fair.

The Mojo Hand said...

Wow Yuto did Rhodes justice on that one. Let me tell you from a musicians standpoint that is a very difficult solo to pull off.