Perfect Christmas present for a baseball card blogger.

Tim McCarver is now officially the William Shatner of baseball. While we were busy living life, he came out last month with a recording called, ever modestly, Tim McCarver Sings Selections from The Great American Songbook. Here's a link to the CD on Amazon--you might want to peruse the heavily ironic reviews that his pipes have inspired several wags to offer up. Then sit back, light a few candles, draw the shades, and download to your iPod an awe-inspiring rendition of "On a Clear Day." You can seeee forrrevver, anDevver, anDevver, anDevverrrrr moooooore.


BudBareither said...

Oh good grief...how did this ever happen?

Dean Family said...

Oh Good Lord.

zman40 said...

If we are lucky, he'll get an act in Vegas and quit screwing up the playoffs.

night owl said...

I listened to some of the samples, and as McCarver would say: "my goodness!"

But it could be worse:

"McCarver sings disco's greatest hits"

"McCarver sings the best of Motley Crue"

"McCarver and Jay-Z together for the first time"

"Can't Smile Without You: McCarver finds his inner Manilow"

"My Heart Will Go On: McCarver sings the best of Celine Dion"

capewood said...

I also sampled a couple of the songs. Two was all I could stand. Sometimes when you see a project you have to think "Who thought this was a good idea? Fire him!"