Boo. [this post rated R]

This is the card you get when you send a TTM to any of the Phillies. They are actually signed, not autopenned, and in our world of vague hopefulness, we choose to believe the players sign them, not assistants. They thoughtfully return the card you send, also. Sometimes you get a note. At least, that was true last year, back when we had the wherewithal and time to send out Lucy's letters. We've always liked Chase Utley, in part because he's a talented player and in part because we get to call him "Boo" thanks to this fantastic YouTube video. Foul language ahead, we should warn, in case your faithful kid is sitting at your side right now.

We also like this ubiquitous A&G of Boo, with that focused "I'm going to hit it out of the park" look he gets. He certainly has kept that promise in this World Series.
Speaking of which, hasn't this been a great World Series? We're watching every minute. That's why this is such a short post. And although we've even enjoyed some of the Yankee action--I mean, come on, they've played really well--right now we just want to get rid of that nasty looking AJ Burnett and cheer for the cool Cliff Lee.


Laurens said...

I'm pretty sure the established team stars on the Phillies only send out preprinted photo cards.

So sad to say, Utley is mostly likely a preprinted photo card.

The way it works is most of the stars actually sign photo cards to reply to autographs requests, in their first year or so with the Phillies.

After two or three years, the stars don't bother actually signing anything, but do send the preprinted photo card.

Dinged Corners said...

The signatures on these cards are DEFINITELY not preprinted, at least on the ones we've received. Our only question is: who's signing them? And as noted, we choose to believe the player does. :)

deal said...

That looks like a Chase Utley Signature to me. I have a couple. He will sign balls/cards prior to games every once in a while, usually just for 3 or 4 people.

Game Report from Game 5 where Chase was one of the stars:


mikepelfreyshouse said...

Utley seems to curse alot in public! Remember his victory speech last year after trhe World series? "World Fu*kin champions" -ChUtley

The Mojo Hand said...

My autograph is different every time I sign it.

A lot of it has to do with the player. If a player is in a rush, or standing it can differ as well.

Did you get the cards I sent?