Browsing eBay to learn what we like about T206.

This morning, when really I should have been studying, instead I was looking at 2009 T206 baseball cards on eBay. I am a bad, bad girl. Please don't tell my daughter. Or, for that matter, any family or friends who might still labor under the notion that I don't harbor a completely inexplicable interest in....baseball cards? Thank you for your help in this matter.

Here are some of the T206 cards that caught my eye. A short print (#254) of Johnny Mize, my aunt's favorite player:

Thurman Munson (is it my imagination, or are there relatively few cards produced of TM?):

For variety, here's a lovely not-SP:

The Piedmont design may be my favorite. Do you seek a Babe Ruth bit?:

As it happens, I don't, but wouldn't complain if I opened a pack containing this card. Of course, it will never happen, as I strongly suspect all boxes o' Babe bits are not just randomly sent into the card collecting universe.

So how about a Pee Wee SP?:

The Polar Bears are nothing to sneeze at:

There's a 1/1 Yovani Gallardo Carolina Brights mini:

The back is sweet:
But I can't get past the Piedmonts.

Carlos, fierce of eyebrow, also appears Piedmontly:
The basic T206 design lift is fine:

Ah! There we go:

We'll have to find that one for sure. The Old Mills are mildly addictive:
Here's an SP variation Cy Young:
One more Piedmont moment. These are EPIC:

Downside: A's. Upside: smiling, and his name is Vinny. Also, apparently he signs as "NZyme." The biggest 2009 T206 mystery is, why would a nice retro set with on-card autos also include sticker autos? Why why why?:

But if I were wise, wouldn't I only have spent time browsing the originals?: Including relative bargains:

These are my eternity-injuring thoughts about T206. What are yours?


mikepelfreyshouse said...

wow, those cards look great! I might consider buying a box of these! Also, got the nice cards today! thank you so much and hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving! Ill keep my eyes out for david wrights for you!

FenwayFrank said...

I bought a few packs of these at Newberry Comics for 50% off today, and I was pretty pleased with what I got. I actually got that Pee Wee Reese SP shown up there, as well as some kind of gold-border Derek Jeter and George Sisler, a mini of Lou Gehrig, and rookie cards of Derek Holland and Tommy Hanson. Do a search for the Hanson RC, it's one of the funniest pictures I've seen on a baseball card in a long time.