Happy Turkey Baseball Card Day!

What was Willard Schmidt looking at? Since we at the Corners are always all weak-kneed around vintage cards, we thought Turkey Day might be a good time to confess that we don't care for 1958 Topps. First of all, one of the preeminent colors used is yellow. Alarming. Also, the photography in this set is blurry, and most of the cards depict players up close with giant heads. #5 Baseball Card Type Collection has remarked on the set as displaying, among other problems, "sub-par posing," and we agree.
Also, who thought it would be good to use little stars as polka dots? But we can't be mad at fifties Topps. The card people over there were worried about the Soviets--Sputnik and all--so perhaps instead of putting their full attention on baseball cards, the Space/Target Moon set received all the design energy. Not all was lost, for the 1958 Baseball Turkey led to some crazy wonderful nonsports cards.

Hmm....space....maybe THAT'S where Willard Schmidt was looking!Happy Thanksgiving to all.


White Sox Cards said...

I'm thankful that I can go to this blog an instantly be entertained. :)

Have a wonderful holiday!

Ken said...

Oh no! 1958 is one of my favorite all-time sets. It's just so...uh...1958ish. But I love 1975 too so...

Willard Schmidt may hold the record for the guy looking up the most in the history of baseball cards. I wonder if anyone knows of a card that beats the degree of his upward gaze.

I'd guess he was looking at the sun, but clearly the sun is directly behind him so that rules that out.

Play at the Plate said...

They may not be pretty, but vintage is Great!