Of arms and the man we sing. Also, we sing of miscellaneous.

Ok, we've gone down this "arms" path before, but we want to again. So there. Before we begin, we wanted to say how much we enjoyed your responses to the favorite on-card auto question. When we get a little time we'd like to post all the results in one long line of pictures, because many of the choices are just downright lovely. You Baseball Card People ROCK.

Now, on to the arms!

Whoops, how did "Prairie Dog Rapture" get in here?

These last two cards, of which the final one is admittedly not arm-erific, came from Spiff of Texas Rangers Cards. Spiff is one of those dudes who quietly posts interesting material on a regular basis. He's not flashy, but he's reliable...great cardboard insights, neat TTM reports, you name it. We get the strong sense that he is one of those people who help keep the world on its axis, if you know what we mean. Thank you very much for these cool cards, Mr. RM Spiff.


Dean Family said...

A Blondy Ryan sighting. Priceless.

Spiff said...

Glad you got the cards. Thanks for the kind words.