One more card shop gone in the New Mexico rain.

Traveled to Albuquerque today to take a state-administered test, and the family was kind enough to drive down with me (they played for a few hours while I sweated bullets and answered questions). We had a pleasant time on the road and enjoyed the very different-from-normal weather we're having right now in New Mexico, which is to say, no sunshine and some rain.

Although we visited a bookstore, and a market we like, and picked up food at a favorite restaurant, there was one ritual stop we didn't make: we didn't stop by Derek's Dugout. Our Albuquerque baseball friend and autograph collector extraordinaire, Kris, had informed us that Derek's has closed. So it can no longer be a stop on our Duke City Roundup. This was really sad news, as we liked Derek and enjoyed his store. There won't be many sports cards shops left at all in the next few years. At all.

In a reflective mood, we leave you with a song from Michael Hearne. He has a wonderful band called South by Southwest that we've seen a couple of times and like very much. We couldn't locate a video of the band's beautiful rendition of this tune, but this solo version by Michael is fine indeed. We hope you enjoy 'New Mexico Rain.'


POBC said...

It's really sad. I remember the day when baseball card shops were like Starbucks.

paulsrandomstuff said...

It's a shame. Ebay & online retailers are a good thing, but I will miss having a local card store if/when it closes.

Two Packs A Day said...

no shocker there! I bust boxes of cards, then try to complete them. I"d call to see if there were any singles that could help me and the response would be that they didn't bust any boxes for singles and they only had select, non-common singles.

I wonder how long bubba's will be around. As long as people buy boxes from him, I think a long long time due to the markup.

Anonymous said...

I have owned a store since 12/11/92 and it's always interesting to have people find us and share their frustration over their favorite card stores closing. I'll ask them where they usually buy their cards and chuckle when they say online from some dumper

You're (they, not the blogger in this instance since it wasn't his local card store) not allowed to cry over shops closing when you don't ever buy from them - lol

Mike Fruitman
Mike's Stadium Sportscards

DC said...

Mike, most card shops we've visited have been crowded, disorganized, dusty, and had grossly overpriced inventory. They richly deserve being overthrown by reputable online dealers. Derek's was spacious, well-lit, clean, and reasonable. That's why we're sad he closed the place...it was a rarity.

The Mojo Hand said...

Wouldn't it be funny if all of the sudden he broke into Enter Sandman by Metallica.