PS: Whitey Ford commemorative patch.

Almost forgot, in the last post, to tell you about the Big Finish: the crooked, somewhat dinged WFCP. But its heart is in the right place.If this patch had been done right, we'd unequivocally like the whole idea better than dopey mass-produced jersey bits. These are actually more meaningful. Aren't they? They don't try to be something they're not. On the back, the language is clear: THE RELIC CONTAINED IN THIS CARD IS NOT FROM ANY GAME OR SEASON. In other words, this relic represents a warm, vintage thought. That's all. And one more if: if we were the paranoid sort, we'd begin to think that it kind of seems as if Mets fans cannot escape the Bronx Bombers.

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dayf said...

Topps has factory sets at Target where the 'bonus' on top is a Mantle patch such as this. I regret not buying a 2007 Factory set that had a '53 reprint with a piece of one of Mick's old leisure suits embedded in it now.

In other news, here's some DC holiday cheer: