Updates and hi! lights.

We must ask you some rhetorical questions. First, is this not the cutest baseball card you've ever seen?: What? You don't assess cardboard in terms of "cute"? All right, is this not the hopiest baseball card you've ever seen? Derek Jeter with his usual ballpark face talking to David Wright, capless, looking into the sun, gearing up for what will be an enjoyable WBC series. Little does David know that he should greatly enjoy these Team USA games, because they will be the last success he knows this season. Ahead of him: stinky Mettiness and a concussion. DJ, on the other hand, has everything good ahead of him, including a World Series victory.

JD's Wild Cardz sent us this awesome array. Here's another season precursor:
David Wright's soon-to-be smashed head bows before Jeter and Victorino. This 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights card may in fact depict the highlight of David's season.

As we've noted before, the Topps base set this year, including U&H, was overall quite pleasing. We've seen the 2010 previews and don't like them quite as much. At least, that's what we think until we see them in person. Here we have Jeremy puttin' on the bunt.

Topps Chrome! Love it! Shiny! KISS: Keep It Simple & Shiny.
On the leftermost Topps card we have Albert Pujols in the Home Run Derby, not hitting; on the right, we have Albert possibly hitting a home run. Prince Albert is not in the top ten Baseball Moneymakers, you know. But AJ Burnett is! Eww!
Ken RC.

And herewith, a mess of Santanas, with the best being the Topps All-Star Game insert.By the way, here's a detail from the Santana 2008 Sweet Spot. Why is that fellow with the ill-fitting pants standing in the bullpen? Note to Topps: as a rule, using UPC symbols as a premier design element for a card is not the best idea in the world. Also, the graphics on the bottom are awful. UD Icons, the David Wright squat--with no tongue sticking out. An unusual shot. We tend not to like cards with the actual background removed, but make an enthusiastic exception here.

The 2009 Ballpark cards are really handsome. The bottom graphic may cover too much photo and resemble a tombstone, but that's strangely fitting when it comes to our Mets.

Thank you, Mike!


MattR said...

That's a really good picture on the Jeremy Reed card. Those are the kind of action shots that I like -- the player is recognizable. The action cards that feature a player's backside don't do a whole lot for me.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

I really liked the ballpark base cards! I have a sheffield one and I think they look great!