2008 Stadium Club redux.

We saw some greatly marked down Stadium Club cards at Target today. Here is what many bloggers said were their favorite '08 Stadium Club cards when we posed the question at the start of this year; we'd still like to know what you think the standouts are.

If you check out that post you'll see The Player to Be Named Later cited #129a Elliot Johnson and boy, we gotta say,

that one's up there. Also, Albuqwirke had a neat post about getting some

2008 SC cards signed.

Today we picked up that blaster because, well, because we dunno why. Here's what we got:

Let's start by comparing 2008 Stadium Club Evan Longoria with 2009 Topps Evan Longoria. Why? Because we can. You know when you're at the eye doctor and he or she says, "This one, or THIS one?" as they switch lenses. Here is our optometric baseball card question:


Or this?:

Let's take the opto approach with J. Upton. This?:
Or this?:

Ok, no more opto. But speaking of needing glasses, here we have Greg Maddux looking for his elbow:

And Chipper calling out, "I think I found it!"

Here's Roy Halladay looking for a bus out of Toronto (unsuccessfully thus far):

And Edinson Volquez almost getting decapitated by a deadly combination of his throwing arm and his gold jewelry:
And that awesome card out of the blue of Roberto Clemente:

Of course there's a whole stack more...if you have any needs for set completion, just let us know, we'll check.

And, PS, woo hoo! Finals are over! We rocked the medical assessment! We have a month off. Dinged Corners is hoping we can build our trading mojo back up a little bit. Anyway, we'll try.


night owl said...

Congrats! On the mastering the finals, not the Stadium Club purchase -- although I am still trying to complete the set. Still. Trying. Still.

FanOfReds said...

I'm still crazy enough to be working on completing this entire set... The cards I still need are listed on my blog here: http://fanofreds.blogspot.com/2008/10/trades-my-needs-haves-list.html I'd love to trade for any that you have pulled that I need!

Ken said...

Wow! I had never seen that Elliot Johnson card. That is perhaps THE best rookie card ever. I love that.

The Clemente is amazing too.

Is that whole set cool? Christ I'm opening older stuff.

madding said...

I was spoiled by the fact that we initially were getting blasters for $2.99 and I didn't like the set all that much, but I bought a bunch and kind of miss it. I can't really get myself to spend $9.99 on them now, which is sad.

I'm missing these if you have any (hint: they're all Cardinals.)

54, 126a, 126b, 130b, 148b
First Day Issue: 54, 130a, 148a

"a" cards are defined as when the photo on the front matches the photo on the back, where as "b" means that the photos are different. Such a weird set.

paulsrandomstuff said...

I think I like the 2008 Stadium Club cards better than anything that came out this year. If it weren't for the weirdness with all of the shortprints, I definitely would have tried to complete it.

jacobmrley said...

I need that clemente. badly. what would you like in return?