Catfish Nabisco comes home.

Finally! We were determined to complete our Nabisco set paying only reasonable, well-below-fake-eBay-market prices. Our foolproof method:

1) Only bid on items from sellers with 100 percent positive feedback. There are plenty of these sellers to choose from.

2) Make sure the seller doesn't charge more than $2.00 to ship a single card. If the seller charges more, we're approaching dangerous gouging territory. This proves absolutely true time and again: low postage=good seller.

3) Send an email to ensure that the seller can write a complete sentence. This sounds awful, but in fact it's always helpful to deal with someone you can understand.

Combine that with patience and a generous use of eBay's "advanced search/completed sales" tool and you have a foolproof way of obtaining a fair deal from a cool person. FOOLPROOF, WE SAY. Discounting the fact that we had to take a few months off for work and school, we reached our Nabiscobjective in a reasonable timeframe. As of today's trip to the mailbox, indeed we reached COMPLETE NABISCOLOSITY. May we introduce Mr. Catfish Hunter:As an aside...how could such a cool dude have started out so...well...truth be told...kind of dorky?:

"Jimmy once sold frogs to raise money to buy a baseball." Hm. Not sure what's more endearing...the little topknot of Vitalis-ed hair, or the bow tie. This is the face of someone with whom you would feel ok trading baseball cards. Chances are, he keeps some in the spokes of his banana-seat bike; he keeps a rubber band around a stack of his cards in a P.F. Flyers shoebox; he only eats cheeseburgers for supper and PBJs for lunch; he carries a plaid lunchbox to school. He does not care for Fig Newtons. And, despite what the card says, he has mixed feelings about Wheat Thins. Later in life, a cool, pretty girl will fall for him because he's so nice. Then he himself will begin to get cool. He will stop using Vitalis. He will grow an excellent mustache. He will discover he can pitch. And he will be anointed with an excellent nickname.

Anyway, regarding Nabisco promotion cards, we've posted about these beauties before. Here's the Don Drysdale post. (Read that one! It mentions the Brady Bunch!) In 1993, you mailed in two proofs of purchase from participating Nabisco Brands (Oreos, Chips Ahoy,

Wheat Thins and Ritz Crackers), along with $5 and got your pick of cards from a lineup of players. (All Hall of Famers: Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs; Don Drysdale, Los Angeles Dodgers; Jim “Catfish” Hunter, Oakland Athletics; Phil Niekro, Atlanta Braves; Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Orioles. Set Two: Bob Gibson, St. Louis Cardinals; Jim Palmer, Baltimore Orioles; Frank Robinson, Cincinnati Reds; Duke Snider, Brooklyn Dodgers; Willie Stargell, Pittsburgh Pirates.) And yes...now we own them all. The cards, anyway. bwahahaha

As you can see, by the promotion's second year, Nabisco reduced the number of player cards offered from six to four. Each card has a certificate of authenticity

because the sports memorabilia market in the early 1990s had become flooded with fake autographs. Now of course we get the little holo sticker instead, on the back of the card.

Welcome home, Catfish!

'Chips Ahoy' by awesome painter of daily images Craig Stephens.


tastelikedirt said...


paulsrandomstuff said...

Great card! I have most of the Nabsico cards, but I think I'm missing one or two. Maybe I should start hunting eBay too.

MattR said...

Good eBay advice.

The childhood you described for Mr. Hunter sounds a lot like mine, except I kinda liked Fig Newtons.

Offy said...

My cut off for shipping is around $2.50. I use the shipping calculator on eBay, padded envelopes and protect the card with thick dummies on either side and the shipping is usually around $2.37 or so. I think I've got a 4.9 for shipping fees on eBays ratings. My fear is that when I pay just a dollar to have something shipped is that the person is going to just toss it in a white envelope and the card is going to wrecked in transit. eBay shipping fees are the main reason why I've started picking up most of my singles from CheckOutMyCards.

GCA said...

Shows how society has deteriorated. Catfish sold frogs for a baseball. A few years ago, Beavis & Butthead just used the frog...

night owl said...

The joy of a completed set. Congrats!

Dinged Corners said...

Ok...in acknowledgment of the approaching 2010, new decade and whatnot, we upwardly adjust our postal happiness to $2.50.