The David Wright Melon Incident.

Thinking back on baseball happenings that relate to our Collected Ones:

Amidst all the talk this year about NFL concussed players and the long-term effects of noggin bashing (a New Yorker article memorably claimed that the only difference between Michael Vick and the NFL team owners is that Vick went to jail for long-term cruelty to animals whereas no one in the NFL got sent to jail for long-term inhuman treatment of players' heads), David Wright made two bits of related news.

First, he had a concussion on August 15 after being hit in the head with a 94-mph fastball by Giants pitcher Matt Cain. Second, the 26-year-old winner of the "Lucy's Favorite Player of All Time Award" tried out an S100 Rawlings helmet engineered to provide additional protection against another concussion.

After ribbing not only from teammates but also late-night talk show hosts, let us just say that David quietly stopped wearing the helmet, and we hope no one bought stock in Rawlings. Still, wearing a [normal] batting helmet seems like Safety 101 in players' efforts not to spend time in the Emergency Room or worse. So in 2010, we hope our cardboard pals take care of their heads when they are acting all Batter Up.


G_Moses said...

I have no idea why it isn't 'manly' to protect your head. If I was swinging at 95mph fastballs, I'd have a bandana under a beanie under the fattest batting helmet I could find. Plus I'd probably grow the Man Ram / Predator dreads for extra shock absorption.

tastelikedirt said...

I'm sure someone has made some type of Spaceballs joke.

Ken said...

I can't help but giggle every time I see a picture of Wright in that helmet. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't wear it.

Somehow that helmet not only makes him look like a little kid, but it also makes him look like the friendliest kid on the planet. I can't imagine how anyone could act mean while wearing that helmet.

But really, that's the best we can do? We're all practically using hovercrafts but technology can't make an extra safe helmet a little smaller?

In fact, the only way that helmet doesn't get top billing is if he's steering a hovercraft while wearing it.