Defeat packsearchers by not seeking...

...and then finding.

We seem to be living in a baseball card wasteland. The only shop we once semi-frequented, 72 miles away, closed this fall. There is very little new product to be found. Recently, walking by the card aisle at Target, we saw a retail box of T206 that had been ransacked and violated. The packs were strewn about, having been searched and probably pinched and weighed by a microscale. Pack searchers had worked round the clock to x-ray everything, for all we know.

So whenever we realize that packs containing anything jerseylike or autograph-like have already been pre-detected and pre-removed, but we're still kind of curious, we buy two packs. In two packs, especially in a design such as A&G or T206 that include minis, we're bound to find something ok. For instance, this

was the first card we found. Nice pose, pretty smile, good showage of team logo. Thumbs up! But wait, here's the best part!:
Do you not love the back of that card? Uh oh uh oh uh oh. Do you think we need to collect the Cycle minis?

There were other cards, by the way. A school of fish, an exaltation of larks, an inevitability of Yankees. Baseball card packs are usually Yankee-heavy. Or maybe that does not happen to you? By the way, the checklist card in T206 (Mantle on the right) is a different stock. Lighter, flimsier, and whiter than the base cards.

There are horizontal cards in this set. Horizontal cards: good. But another Yankee and that team that betrayed Brooklyn. Although the way Matt Kemp is positioned, you could pretend he's on the Rangers. Oh by the way, other minis are good too in this set. The Piedmonts are acceptable:

But not as wonderful as the Cycles.
What do you think of T206? We were surprised that we didn't like them as much as we were expecting. Do you think that compared, for instance, to Goodwin Champions, they are listless? Or do you think the Goodwin Champions design is garish by comparison? Inquiring minds want to know. PS The gold cards are a heavier stock than the plain vanilla cards.

Hey, it's tough to look down at a camera and still appear pretty sharp, so congrats to Mr. Escobar for pulling that off.


Paul said...

Is there something wrong with one of Roy Halladay's eyes?

deal said...

I am glad you beat the Pack Searchers - and with your favorite team!!

Getting your favorite players and teams is what it's really about anyway - Bummer to hear that you have no other way of getting cards.

We are pretty blessed in my area, with ok card shops and regular card shows....which I frequent to often.

paulsrandomstuff said...

I like the Santana card.

I think T-206 set is about even with Goodwin Champions; better than Topps Heritage, but not as good as Allen & Ginter.

I haven't purchased any T-206 cards yet, so this evaluation is based purely on the scans that bloggers have been posting.

cardboardicons said...

Great pull on Johan. I pulled the same card (Serial 17/99) on Tuesday from a box that also had been searched. Love the Minis.

Ken said...

Right on! Good Karma!

Motherscratcher said...

Any day that the pack searchers are beaten is a good day.

I like the T206, but I like Goodwin champions better, from the looks of it. But, I like the loud colorful garish things.

Anthony K. said...

I must admit, T206 looksl ike the worst of the throwback vintage sets, in my opinion.

Obviouly no one will top A&G, but I really like goudey and goodwin isn't TERRIBLE, but T206 just really looks bad to me.

At least y'all pulled cards of players and teams you collect.

Coulda been a Pirates and Royals fest ;)