Getting used to Curtis Granderson in pinstripes.

We have to work up to it. You see, we collect Curtis Granderson cards because he is a terrific role model for kids, and our kids like baseball. We know it's not his job to be upstanding and decent, to treat women with respect, to contribute scads of time to organizations that help children. We know it's only his job to play baseball. We've heard this mantra from many crude, overpaid sports figures and their enablers.Nevertheless, Curtis Granderson manages both; he is an excellent ballplayer and also a mensch. So we dig that. Therefore, it isn't terribly important to us what team he plays for. In this regard we hail from the Japanese baseball fan outlook, which is more player-based than team-based. There's one complexity, of course, which is that he is now going to play for the Yankees, our team's arch rival.

But we began to rehabilitate our displeasure with the Yankees last year because they gained a little respect from us. Why? Because allowing them to gain respect in our eyes was a defensive mechanism against how stinky our own team was doing. Also, the Yankees played good baseball. There are worse things a baseball team can do.

Or perhaps we knew what was coming...in our heart of hearts perhaps we suspected that little Curtis might end up in the pinstripes. So we have to see it this way: we are (transplanted) New Yorkers. We strongly prefer the Mets. We don't understand the American League. (But Curtis does.)

Two of our fave players are now in NY, Curtis and David Wright. Meh. In the modern world, when nothing much seems to be working in, for instance, our financial, media, or political systems, we're going to hope the 2010 baseball season works. Yes, we're starry-eyed that way. There are worse things.
We thought we'd present a few of our favorite Curtis cards. We realize our collection is modest by Grand standards, but our Zitos, Grandersons, and Wrights remain among our favorite categories because we draw so much enjoyment from cards we receive from other bloggers and fellow card nutcases, or is it nutty card cases? Here's a deep question: our interest in Zitolander and Grand will never change, but what if DW left the Mets? Lucy likes him 100 percent because he is a nice guy ON THE METS. Not sure what would happen if [shudder] he ever moved. Woosh. Let us leave that house of cards alone.
This Bowman chrome is viewed as Curtis' rookie card. We have two, so if ever anyone wanted it in trade for a great Curtis card we don't own, we'd like to talk.
The fabulosity of Curtis' smile is outweighed only by his playing ability.
He is one of the great TTM signers ever, you know. That's because when he was a kid and sent a card to Kirby Puckett, it meant a lot when it came back signed. He never forgot that.
Allen and Ginter usually does well by him. So, our main point is, he's Curtis. Whatever uniform he wears. So we need to sip some humble tea and cope with this:

There are worse things.


Grand Cards said...

You guys are awesome--I don't know what else I can say. It sounds like Lucy's DW fandom is similar to how I am with Curtis. No matter what though, he'll remain a class act that transcends the team he plays for, which is what is making my collecting decisions so hard. Oh, and I think he looks way better in an Old English D than he does in Pinstripes.

night owl said...

I have a theory about why the Yankees acquired Curtis Granderson. It's a half-serious theory (OK, it's not serious at all). But it's also a future blog post, so all I'll say is it concerns a characteristic that is very "Yankee."

Spiff said...

I feel your pain. Seeing Pudge with the Evil Empire about put me off my feed. Hopefully for your sakes he'll move on before too long.

Ken said...

Nice Grandersons!

It's good that Granderson is now playing on a huge stage. He can continue to set a good example for all and now more people will get to see him do it.