Live and Learn Department: thoughts about 2009.

This has been an informative week. First, we discovered that some of the coolest baseball card bloggers and readers out there collect squished pennies, a phenomenon to which I was introduced by my kids. There is an entire baseball subset to the pursuit--we'll post a little more about it soon. You people ROCK.

Second, we thought we liked '08 Moments & Milestones, but after wrestling with the (el cheapo) hobby box we got, the reality is, that thing gets old after about five packs. It's alarming when one of your own posts makes you dazed and confused.

Third, we were thinking "Jason Bay for the Mets would be ok" but then we read a little sports news and discovered he don't wanna play in Queens. So buh bye. That leaves, pretty much, Matt Holliday. I'm spent. UPDATE: No, Bay's comin' to NY. Hmmmm. Thoughts on this shortly!

Fourth, we found that many of you also share inexplicable baseball card collecting interests. For instance:

G_Moses likes collecting Edgar Gonzalez Bowman Gold Chrome RCs.

Joe S. loves relics. All relics. He likes them more than autograph cards.

Baseball Cards Come to Life (Joe B.) has a few odd interests.

As for paulsrandomstuff, he enjoys collecting middle relievers and bench players--for instance, Jeff Innis, Omir Santos, Ryota Igarashi and.......Barry Zito!

Kevin straightforwardly loves 1982 Topps.

Roy-Z goes for '08 Topps Chrome Refractors.

capewood has a single-minded obsession: trying to collect at least one of every kind of card printed since 1980. Cliff says that of his last count, there are 14,359 different kinds of cards produced since 1980. He has 3,386 of them.

Anonymous clocked in with a mention of 2008 Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Bowman Draft and Chrome and all the variations and autographs; not so much 2009 Bowman because it's thinner stock and there are no Gordon Beckhams and Andrew McCutchens in the draft set.

mmmrhubarb is a proponent of the much-maligned 2008 UD Documentary cards.

Maybe we can organize an "inexplicable trade" mechanism--my Edgar Gonzalez for your Topps Chrome refractor kind of thing.

As we begin to bid goodbye to 2009, we also wanted to note some of this year's posts that we enjoyed putting together:

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GABCFTBGB: Flipping the Modern World.

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This 1987 Topps Baseball Card is Smokin'.

Bartleby and the Black-Outs: Topps 2009.

And this post was probably the most fun to write this year: An interview with two daughters of baseball. We hope you enjoyed that one, because it expresses some of the most elemental spirit of the game we all love.

And finally, thank you for reading Dinged Corners. We enjoy sharing our interests and random enthusiasms with you. Perhaps most of all, we enjoy learning the angles, quirks, and details that emerge from your wonderful comments and emails. Our goal is to provide well-researched posts, good writing, and fun. We can only hope that once in a while, we succeed.


G_Moses said...

Great post.

Here's to 2010. We can finally be lazy and just say twenty ten!

And in my adventures with my kids, I'll be ever on the lookout to spot penny squishing machines.

Joe S. said...

Thank YOU for continuously posting content worth reading! Have a great rest of '09, and best wishes in '10. I'll be reading!

I Am The Average Joe said...

I'm happy with a Bay in Flushing :) Let's Got Mets

mmmrhubarb said...

Okay, just to be clear, the 2008 UD Documentary is a terribly flawed set, but I'm ADDICTED to trying to track down all the Twins in it (home, away, and Yankees inserts vs. Twins). And it's twice as hard to find them because very few collectors bothered with the set.

Still, thanks for the plug, and hopefully some more Twins cards will eventually turn up. Here's to great Dinged Corners posts in 2010...

capewood said...

Thanks for the post on the squished pennies. I also have an obsession with Mike Schmidt. The eBay listing for the Mike Schmidt penny was still open with no bidders so I took a shot and won it. It will appear on a future post.

Bo said...

An inexplicable trade mechanism sounds great! But who's Joe B.? I'm Bo!