Santa postal help and two stocking stuffers.

S. Claus may have intervened on our behalf because this package, postmarked ten days before, finally made it to our mailbox on Christmas Eve, in this exact condition:The minis for which we traded were still inside, miraculously unscathed: One could speculate on what happened to that bubbleope, if one were stout of heart. There was no packet where the P.O. acknowledges damage in transit; rather, the 'lope was just all torn open and flappy.Anyhow, postal pondering aside, these were all Goodwin minis, and we got to wondering, which do we like better, Goodwin or T206? Here are two Pettites that are typical of each style so you can mull minis: Do you have an immediate preference? Are the Goodwins more dynamic, or more cartoonish?
Why do some of the Goodwin minis of non-current players get vintage logos, and some don't?:
We have no good reason to show this Joe Nathan card except that it's neat and kind of Clint Eastwoodlike the way his eyes are in shadow:
So, in addition to the packet finally showing up, we also had two cards in our Christmas stocking. One is a 2009 Legendary Cuts jersey bit of Kirby Puckett and Ken Griffey, Jr.:
The Legendary Cuts are growing on us. And we mean that philatelically, dayf, and not in the least bit numismatically. The back of the card, a little below the 'generations memorabilia' moniker, lists Junior as with the Mariners "1989-Present."

As if nothing intervened.

And, drumroll please, here was a T206 we kinda wanted: <---putting it mildly

Next up, we'll show results of a T206 blaster that Lucy got. We hope you're having a quiet, leisurely Christmas, as we are. Even our dogs are being serene, as you can see from their symmetrical Christmas Day footprints :


G_Moses said...

Super lucky to have those minis arrive in one piece. Amazing they didn't at least tape it back up for you though. And the USPS wonders why people would just rather use email than leave them to deliver all of our mail.

I've not opened baseball since 08, so those Goodwins do look nice. Makes me miss opening baseball a little bit.

paulsrandomstuff said...

I don't have a preference between the T-206 and Goodwin Champion minis -- they're both equally nice.

zman40 said...

As for the minis, based on the two that you presented side by side, I like the GCs better. The T-206 are great with their old-timey look and all, but I still like the GCs better. They make it look like this top of the line Major League ballplayer is is playing in a field in Kansas. There is no resmblance of a stadium to be seen. That is why I like the Goodwins better.

stusigpi said...

Goodwin Front/T-206 back. That would be awesome.